Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Day 138 & 139

A street performer in downtown Heidelberg floating...but I'm not sure how

Saturday: This weekend was my wife's birthday weekend, so I let her choose whatever she wanted to do. She chose to go to Ramstein Air Force base because of their big PX and do a little shopping. Before we headed out, we stopped by Patton Barracks to get the oil changed in our car. It's the only place around that is on a US post that does oil changes and such.

We headed to Ramstein shopped in their huge PX, bought tickets to see "The Avengers" ate lunch, then did some more shopping. My wife made out with some clothes and a ring…and I'm a bit poorer now. We headed up to watch the movie about 15 minutes before showtime and we couldn't find a seat. The place was packed and obviously people either snuck in or bought tickets to something else and decided to watch this instead. We took our tickets back and got our money refunded. Lesson learned…go early on opening weekend of a good movie!

On the way back we stopped in Mannheim to visit the Harley dealership, but found out it closes at 1400 on Saturdays…guess we'll head back next weekend. Spent the rest of the night hanging out together, and since it was my wife's birthday weekend I let her pick a movie to rent on AppleTV…so we watched "The Vow" a chick flick.

Sunday: We ate breakfast together and then headed out to old town Heidelberg. We ate lunch at an OK Mexican restaurant. It was decent, but will not get a return visit from us. We then headed over to what is called Philosophenweg (Philosophers' Way) which is a path across the Neckar river that Heidelberg's university professors and philosophers found they would walk, talk, and chat while pondering. It has some great views of the city of Heidelberg. It's a pretty good workout if you decide to head to the top which we did. At the top is a Nazi amphitheater that was built in 1934 and used for propaganda presentations for the Nazi regime. The place was pretty cool and well worth the hike up to it.

We then headed back down and ate some ice cream for desert once back in town. In order to try and get out more we decided we want to try a different place to eat at least a few times a month. There are a ton of restaurants downtown and it will be a lot of fun trying out the various offerings. It will also get us out of the house if we don't have any plans for the weekend.

You can check out the slide show below for some more pictures of Philosopher's Way:

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