Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Typical Army - (Germany) Day 148

This morning's PT ended up being no PT for me. We formed up and after accountability I was pulled out of formation and told to go home, change and be back to help out a sergeant in 1st platoon at 0745. WTF? This was a little annoying (which would end up being the theme of the day), I could do this just fine…but my wife and I only have one car and she has a job as well. If they give me some advanced notice I can make plans ahead of time and avoid stupid stress like this. So I left and headed home, then proceeded to tell my wife she has to get ready as soon as possible and then take me back to work to drop me off before she heads in.

My wife was very cool about it and we both were able to get ready and I was able to make it back to the 1st platoon barracks by 0745. My job involved being a chauffeur for the 1st platoon sergeant. I'm rolling my eyes just thinking about it as I'm typing this. So I drive their TMP and drop off a couple of his soldiers, then we head to Patton Barracks where we dropped off 2 microwaves and a shredder. We then headed back to Campbell Barracks where I work, and that was the extent of the help needed. We were done by 0830, so I headed over to the shoppette and picked up some coffee and a snack. I decided to head back into work and surf the internet because there was nothing else to do…at least until work actually started at 0900.

Once work started I did pretty much the same thing…surfed the internet along with checking email and answering a phone call here and there. Then more stupidity hit…we were all told at 1120 that we were having company pictures taken at 1300, so we had to go get our dress uniforms and get back to the 1st platoon barracks by then. There was no mention of this earlier in the week…or even earlier in the day. Way to plan ahead guys! I didn't have a car and a few others didn't have cars as well, so we ended up having to take a TMP. I did have my specialist patch sewn on my uniform, but I did not have the specialist pins yet for my shirt underneath…oh well.

We ended up getting back about 1245 and headed to the barracks…we all headed upstairs to the top floor in the day room and waited…and waited…and waited. At about 1315 we were told that it was going to be in the basement, so we all headed down there and waited some more while the camera guy got setup. I don't think we took pictures until 1400. We had the opportunity to order some prints, but I politely declined. I mean if we are going to get pictures taken that we can order…give us a heads up. I would have had my uniform squared away, I would have had a hair cut, and I would have brought a razor to have a nice clean shave right before the photo. (I have aggressive facial hair and usually have a 5 O'Clock shadow within a few hours of shaving) So I sat down let him take my photo, then left.

I headed back to the office and we did the usual office work, but for some reason our NCOIC didn't think we were busy enough…so she told us to go through each customer's folder to make sure there were no errors. This would be fine and dandy, but we do this almost every day. SPC JayZ wanted to take on all the folders and make a spreadsheet of what needs to be done…fine. Then all of a sudden me and the new SPC in the office are told to go to first platoon and raid their supply closet. "Take two boxes and get anything you think we can use" (1st platoon is actually in the process of moving…and all their supplies will be turned back in). This really just seemed like busy work…something to have us do for the sake of doing it. We went…we raided…we came back.

A little while later we were all told to clean the office like crazy…we vacuumed, wiped everything down, swept, mopped…you name it. Again it seemed like we were just being told to do something just for the sake of making us do something. No problem…it passed the time.

We then get released, but I am not really released…I have staff duty tonight. So I head over to the staff duty desk and start my night there. That is when I find out that when you work staff duty on the week nights, not only are you working all freakin' night, but you are the janitorial staff for the S-3 office and the command group. WTF? I'm thinking to myself (after just cleaning our office - and we pretty much clean our office every night before leaving) these guys are lazy bastards. They don't take out their trash or anything, they just leave it all for the staff duty people to take care of. I really couldn't believe it. The sergeant I had duty with told me I could go home for dinner at 1800 and be back at 2100. That was pretty cool, so I called my wife and she picked me up…we ate dinner together at home and watched a couple of shows together.

I came back to the staff duty office and I really couldn't believe my eyes. The sergeant I was with started to mop the hallway. (we have to mop and wax the hallway tonight). She had put way too much soap in the bucket and proceeded to mop the entire hallway…without stopping. The hallway looked like someone was taking a bubble bath. When I came in, she said "I think I put a little too much soap in". I was thinking OMG…what a moron. Not only did she put too much soap in, but she just kept going…didn't stop until the entire hallway was full of freakin' bubbles! She then said she had to go pick up her son and left me the mop to fix it. We have to have all the bubbles gone…the floor clean and dry before we can start waxing.

I had to rinse out that mop what seemed like a million times before most of the soap was out. I then had to re-mop the hall way many times trying to get all the bubbles gone…cleaning the mop each time. What a pain in the butt. I'm working with a full on retard. I finished it and then took a break to let the hallway dry.

I watched a movie "Ready to Rumble" about some crazy professional wrestling fans who help their favorite wrestler come back from the dumps. It was a little cheesy, had a couple funny parts, and it passed the time. I also read some and surfed the internet. Once the sergeant I was working with came back she wanted to wax the floor, so I moved the mop bucket along with her and helped squeeze it when needed. I don't think it was done as it should be, but I didn't really care at that point. Once finished I spent the rest of the night switching between surfing the net, chatting on Facebook, and reading my book. Even though I was very tired and felt like a zombie, I couldn't sleep at all in my chair. It was hot, I smelled like crap, I was sticky, and I could only sleep for a minute at a time.

In the morning about 0800 the sergeant major came in and asked if we could vacuum, which I did with a very crappy vacuum cleaner I might add. I also took out the garbage and then finally called it a day at about 0840 when the sergeant I was working with let me go. I waited outside for my wife to come and pick me up. Once home I took a shower and passed out. What a long night!

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