Monday, June 8, 2015

Army Friendship (Life After The Army)

I seem to write quite a bit about the negatives I've had while in the army and also dealing with the VA. So let me change it up a bit and write a little about some of the positive experiences from the army...

Yesterday I spent the evening with a soldier I met back when I was first stationed in Korea. He was a co-worker of mine and pretty much showed me the ropes. I referred to him as SPC Roy in my journal. Not only were we co-workers, but since he was Korean American he was able to take me out quite a bit and show me a lot of Korea. He now just moved to Tacoma and came to visit me yesterday. We had a good time catching up and talking about everything that’s happened since our time in Korea. Now he’s a civilian and looking for a job, he should be able to get something in the area…the job market is pretty decent right now.

I also have a friend & co-worker I met while stationed in Germany that is driving to my house as I write this. I referred to him as SPC Mac in my journal. We worked in the same shop, did some touring around Europe together with our wives, and also ended up going through the medboard process with me. He’s making the cross country drive from South Carolina to my house in Bremerton. He’s going to stay with me until he gets his feet on the ground and can get an apartment. He has a job lined up at one of the local navy bases and will start shortly after he arrives.

I’m really glad both of these former co-workers and friends of mine are both local now, it will be pretty cool to hang out with them after all this time. I'm also still in touch with "PFC Metal", my battle buddy from basic training and AIT. My wife and I are hoping to make a trip to Seoul and visit them now that they have been stationed there. Of course I am friends with a lot of guys I've served with from basic all the way through Germany on facebook. We keep in touch via comments and messages. The friendships that are built in the military can be pretty special. There is a special bond that develops with people that have to deal with all the crap and idiocy together. These are friendships that will last a lifetime.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Why the VA Gets a Bad Rap (Life After The Army)

This weekend I went and watched my oldest daughter graduate from high school. This right of passage marked the end of school for my daughter and her entry into adulthood. This reminded me to check the status of the VA claim I made almost a year ago. My daughter turned 18 during her senior year, but was still living at home. I mentioned in a previous post that I submitted a claim stating that my daughter is still living at home and attending high school until June. I logged into ebenefits to check the status of this almost year old claim, here is what it states:


Status of claim on 6/6
Status of Your Claim
        Submitted: 07/28/2014 (Dependency)
        Estimated Completion: 01/04/2015 - 05/25/2015

Your claim is still being processed by the Regional Office. We generally process claims in the order received.
We recognize that your claim has exceeded the projected completion date and remain committed to completing our review as quickly and accurately as possible. Thank you for your patience.

The time it takes to complete you claim depends on factors like the type of claim and the type of disability claimed.
The estimated dates are based on a statistical analysis of historical processing times for similar claims. Some things you should know:

    •    Historical data may not accurately predict current conditions. Your claim may take longer.
    •    Dates may change as the statistical analysis is updated.
    •    Some claims will take longer than the range of dates given as they are based on an average.


This is complete bullshit! What should take a matter of seconds (verifying that my child is indeed still in school) has now taken the VA almost a year to resolve. I submitted the claim the summer before my daughter’s senior year and now she’s graduated and the claim is still “under review”. It’s no wonder everyone hates the VA. I feel sorry for the folks that have bigger claims that require much more research…those will probably take a decade or more and why people are dying while waiting for the VA!! I just envision a bunch of idiots and incompetent morons working in the VA offices. This is just absolutely pathetic!


**Update** (8/11/15)

 Out of curiosity I logged into the ebenefits website and checked my claim. All I can do is just shake my head. I submitted the simple claim on 7/28/14 and it now has an updated estimated completion status of 10/17/15 to 5/7/16!

Are you kidding me? Something that should take a couple of minutes at most to verify that my child went to a high school while she was 18 is now going to take almost 2 years to complete!! It's no wonder the VA has such a bad rap. It's also no wonder why everyone thinks the VA is a joke. I'm really at a loss of words right now.

Status of claim on 8/11/2015
Status of Your Claim
        Submitted: 07/28/2014 (Dependency)
        Estimated Completion: 10/17/2015 - 05/07/2016


**Update** (8/26/15)

Normally I wouldn't post an update so quickly after the previous update, but I received an email from the VA patting themselves on the back. The email titled "How VA is providing a record level of service" goes on to say "A Historic Success for Veterans Service, This week we reduced the disability claims backlog to 98,535 claims - an 84% reduction from its peak and a historic low". It goes on and on and they continue to pat themselves on the back. So I decided to log in and check my claim's the exact same as mentioned in the previous change. While I'm glad they are trying to get the number of claims down, it just makes me shake my head when I think this stupid little claim of mine that would take 5 minutes to complete is now well over a year and counting.

**Update** (10/08/15)

I received a letter today from the VA stating that they have "received my application for benefits". Well I hope so, it was sent in almost a year and a half ago! It goes on to state that it is their sincere desire to decide my case promptly. "However, as we have a great number of claims, action on yours may be delayed". This is pretty much the same thing I've been seeing and hearing ever since I did the first submission. Not sure if this means I'm closer to a decision or what...I guess time will tell.

**Update** (10/14/15)

I received another letter from the VA stating that my application for benefits was approved. So 4 months after my daughter is out of school and well over a year after I filed, I find out that they have approved my application. So I'll receive back pay from the time my daughter turned 18 until she graduated (about 9 months). This whole ordeal wasn't even a lot of money, but it just shocked me how a 5 minute verification process could turn into such a long drawn out process.

As before I'll go to my yearly VA checkup and get my prescriptions from the VA, but I'll try and use my civilian insurance for everything I can. I'd prefer to stay away from the VA as much as possible.