Thursday, May 17, 2012

Torture via VTC - (Germany) Day 143

This morning we didn't have PT, instead we had to attend some special training event. The event was done via VTC (Video Tele-Conference) and was a mess from the start. I did enjoy sleeping in, but it was not worth the torture we had to endure with this training. We started at 0900 in a building that I've never been in before, but is not too far from my office. We were in their conference room with a large screen at the front showing the video of a group of people somewhere else…I think I heard Wiesbaden, as well as smaller views of all the other units that had joined in from around Europe. The first issue was that the audio was horrible. For the first hour and a half I don't think anyone on our end could understand anything that was said. We ended up moving to another conference room and the audio was a little better, but not much. I was able to understand most of what was said, but even with that…it was pretty boring stuff.

There were a number of CSMs (Command Sergeant Majors) there and each of them were giving us a block on instructions. These blocks ranged from bars to reenlistment to promotions. The content may have been interesting, but with the issues trying to understand them and the delays between the different units…it was just a mess. All I wanted to do is be somewhere else doing anything. We broke for lunch and had to come back for some more torture. At some points the audio would go out completely, then people in our office would watch the screen and pretend to guess at what they were saying. We finally finished at 1530…what a waste of a day…a waste of a day that I'll never get back. I was hoping that we would only go to lunch so I could see if there were any appointments available today…but that didn't happen.

I headed back to the office and checked my email. I then helped file some paperwork and schedule a couple of appointments. I checked the safes and then we were allowed to leave. Once home my wife and I hung out and watched some more TV shows…still trying to catch up on everything from my month long absence.

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