Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hurry Up….and Wait - (Germany) Day 144

This morning our PT was once again in the gym. The wind was blowing pretty hard and it was raining, so we were sent to the gym and told to do cardio. I rode a stationary bike for the entire time. It's easier on my knees and I still get my cardio…plus I can watch the sports channel on the TV…and yes if you're wondering the NCOIC disappeared after telling us to work out in the gym.

The work day started of normal, I checked my email and surfed the net a bit. There wasn't a lot scheduled, so I also studied for my Apple re-certification. All of a sudden at 1115, 4 of us were told to take lunch right away and be back by 1145! This is a pretty crappy thing to do since we usually get an hour and a half lunch break…and it's a Friday! So I headed to my car and quickly ate lunch before heading back to the office.

We had to take two TMPs over to 1st platoon's office and move some stuff. When we arrived we were told to clean two microwaves and a huge industrial strength shredder. When finished we were told to take them up and put them in the TMPs. This kind of stuff mildly pisses me off, because not only are we cleaning other people's stuff, they only had two people there helping us. We cleaned and then loaded everything up and waited…and waited…and waited. Finally the sergeant from that office told us to take them to turn in at another post. When SPC Whirlwind asked if he had the paperwork for it we were told to stand fast (wait). So we waited and waited some more. With all this waiting we sure as heck didn't need to cut our lunch break short. The sergeant finally came back up and said to haul it all back down and put it back in the office. So everything we did was for nothing…that is the army for you.

We moved everything back and then helped consolidate everything in the offices. The folks in these offices are actually moving, so I'm sure we'll be back at some point to help once they figure everything out. We headed back to our office and went back to work. Our company commander came in and later the first sergeant. I guess at some point before I came here SPC JayZ talked someone into working his staff duty shift and paid them 300 Euro! That is a bit crazy! I guess word finally got up to the commander and now he had to chew everyone out and let people know that will not be allowed anymore.

We finished up the work day a little early and we were released at 1630! I guess that makes up for the stupidity this afternoon. I headed over and picked my wife up, then we headed home to change. My wife was craving Chinese food, so we headed to the only Chinese restaurant I know of about 15 minutes away in Schwetzingen…used to be called Yang Yang, but has since changed. It was pretty good and it was also nice to get out and about. We spent the rest of the night watching an old movie "The Lost Boys" and some TV shows. I sure remember The Lost Boys being a lot scarier and cooler than it was this time around. It was a little cheesy watching now that I'm older…it definitely shows it's age…LOL.

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