Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bowling (FTX Day 15) - (Germany) Day 126

(Due to the FTX my posts may be a little sporadic, I found out the USO offers free Internet and will be toting along my laptop and uploading posts as I get a chance)

This morning I woke up and got ready for the day, but when I came back to the barracks nobody that I work with was even up or moving yet including the NCOIC. So I laid down and waited drifting in and out of sleep. Every so often someone's alarm would go off, but it wasn't until about an hour later that all my co-workers started getting up. It turns out that we are going in an hour later today, but I was never told…oh well. I went to the DFAC to grab some breakfast and saw they had biscuits and gravy…something that is usually not too messed up in the DFAC, so I got a portion of those and then some of my normal cereal and juice…the bananas were MIA. I took a bite of the biscuits and gravy and realized that I would not be able to eat anymore. The biscuits tasted like they were about a week old…hard and stale. I shouldn't have even bothered…I know better.

The day was pretty uneventful, pretty much the same as yesterday. I checked on a couple of things, but the most eventful part of my day was when 1000 rolled around and the shoppette opened up. I headed over there for a drink and a snack. Other than that I didn't do much except read a magazine and surf the web a little on the computer that is now hooked up and ready to go for this use in the help desk snack area.

After work I took a short nap, then we joined the air force crew and went bowling. There were three army guys and three air force guys. The army won both games and I was the top scorer in both games with a 155 each game…that doesn't say much for the quality of the bowlers, but we all had fun. We ate Burger King for dinner and then they dropped us off back at the barracks. I spent some time reading a new book.

I then watched UFC 145 which I was able to download while at the USO yesterday. After that it was about time to get ready for bed…then pass out.

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