Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Head Exam - (Germany) Day 142

This morning's PT ended up being in the gym. It was raining when I arrived and then I found out we were moving to the gym. Our NCOIC took accountability and then told us to do cardio in the gym…then as usual she left. I ended up playing a game of two on two basketball and was able to get a good sweat going…plus have a good time doing it. That is the best way to work out for sure.

I then had a CAT scan appointment at 0900, so I headed there instead of work. The scan only took about 5 minutes and then I was turned loose. One part of me doesn't want them to find anything in my brain, but another part wants them to find something…I'd like them to be able to solve this riddle that is causing all my headaches.

I headed back to work and actually did some ComSec work. I helped out with some of JayZ's accounts that came in to get their inventory checked. I'm starting to get the hang of more and more of the paperwork, but it's going to take a while because there are so many different rules when it comes to ComSec. There is also a ton of stuff that just seems unnecessary. For instance today we had to inventory a large number of items that were sent to us. These items are sent to us, but they are ancient forms of encryption that are no longer used. We have to inventory all this stuff and at the end of each month we also destroy a bunch of stuff that we never check out to anyone…ever. It just seems like a total waste of time. We also have to do an entire inventory check of all this ancient material every time one of the safes are opened for any reason…a real pain in the butt.

I got a call from the radiology department in the afternoon. They let me know that my CAT scan came back normal which is good, but they did find some sort of "degenerative" thing going on in my neck and upper spine with the previous x-ray I did earlier. I now have a follow up appointment scheduled with my doctor. They said this is probably what is causing all my headaches. I guess we'll see what they can do to help me, but I have to wait until the 29th because we cannot make appointments on Thursdays (sergeant's time training). I also have staff duty next week on the only other day they had open before the 29th, which is why I have to wait so long. It's a relief to know they may have found the cause, now we can work on a solution.

I ended up doing a lot of actual ComSec stuff today and I know the more days I have like this, the faster I'll learn my job.

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