Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shock & Awe - (Germany) Day 136

This morning's PT was similar to yesterday's. Our NCOIC showed up again for a minute, made some announcements and then left. Another sergeant took over and we did a lot of warm up stretching before our actual workout. The workout consisted of us getting in groups of four and doing a group push-up. We lay on the ground as if in the downward push-up position and lay with our feet on the back of another with the four people making a square. Each group did ten push-ups and then we started our cool down stretching. We had to make PT short this morning because of some special training we all had to attend.

The special training was in the movie theatre on PHV, so I was able to walk there after getting ready. The training was the annual spring safety training. They showed us slides and video clips of people hurting themselves, dead people, accidents and so on. Everything that can go wrong when driving, swimming, playing, or whatever else you decide to do in the summer. Kind of like the videos in drivers ed training that try and scare you into being a good driver. They went over all the statistics of how many people have died in our area and went over some specific accidents.

After the training we went back to the office and had to do some more training. This set was on natural disasters and bomb threats and what we need to do in each event. This actually had to do with our job and the ComSec that we deal with, so the training was actually relevant. By the time it was over it was time for lunch…time to go to the food court with my sack lunch.

When I got back at work, I watched as one of the guys updated a spreadsheet and then headed over to my S-3 shop to make sure my TDY money was all set. I had to digitally sign the paperwork and then one of the guys in S-3 signed it, now it has to go through the approval process once again and finally I should be able to get paid.

Back at the office the mini-audit was finished. This was to prepare for the major audit that is coming in June. Our NCOIC went over everything that needed to happen before the major audit. With the work day over, I headed home and enjoyed time with my wife.

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