Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back To Work - (Germany) Day 135

So with only one day off during my FTX for the last 23 days, I had to go back to my normal job today without even a day off for recovery. I mentioned that in yesterday's blog, but I was still pretty pissed off about it today. You see people working the system all the time and I hear the saying that you just have to "play the game" and the longer I'm in the army, the more I start feeling like I need to not only just "play the game", but be a freakin' all star.

This morning's PT was a little interesting. Since I've been gone there have been a few changes in the office as well as with PT. I guess 4th platoon had too many people fail their PT test or "bust tape" (when you are over the weight limit, you get taped to measure your body fat. If you fail that…you "bust tape"). So 4th platoon which works out of Mannheim has to do PT with us (1st and 2nd platoon) in Heidelberg. This makes our PT formation a third bigger and now it just seems so huge. Our NCOIC came, made some announcements and then left. She usually doesn't do PT with us…the benefits of rank (and not leading by example). We started our stretching exercises and it started raining. Usually we would just go in the gym, but for some reason (maybe because of our increased size) we were told just to go home. I wasn't complaining…I was cold and wet.

The day was a little busier than normal because I had been gone so long. I started out the morning waiting for a computer to use, then reminded my boss that I needed to put in a weekend pass. I hadn't put in for one yet and needed to know what to do. I had been asking about this for a couple months, but kept getting told to wait because it was too early. Now I just hope I'm not too late because I've already bought tickets for my wife and I for Spain at the end of the month, for the 4-day weekend. I got all the required documents (of which there were plenty) and submitted them all to my boss. He will in turn send them to the platoon sergeant and he will send them to someone else and so on until the final approving authority gets it.

I spent time going through my email and cleaning it up. Found out that I have staff duty on the 22nd and also scheduled a doctor's appointment for Friday. (I get headaches all the time, so I'm going to see if they can do anything to fix it) I was also assigned 3 accounts that I will now be responsible for. This is a good thing because unless I actually start doing the work, I will not be able to learn it. I had to go through each account's folders and make sure everything was in order. It's going to take me a while, but I'm sure after time I'll get better at it and be able to spot things that need to be fixed. (A signature here, a memo there, etc)

Lunch was my sack lunch in the food court…I have to get out of the office when I can. I then went back to work, but the afternoon did not have much for us to do. We are actually going through a mini-audit in our vault to prepare for the main audit coming in June. I was put in charge by our NCOIC to take donations for her PCS gift…which I thought was a little odd, but no problem…I got an envelope and started making the rounds, I'll have to hit most of the people this coming payday.

We were let go a little after 1700 and I picked up my wife and headed home to a relaxing night with my wife. It's so nice to eat a normal meal and relax on the couch with my wife. I never take her for granted, but there is nothing like being away for a month to make me realize how much I love her :)

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