Thursday, May 31, 2012

Change of Responsibility - (Germany) Day 157

This morning we did not have PT, instead we had a formation at 0615 and then all loaded up in TMPs and left to our company headquarters in Landstuhl. The drive is about an hour or so away and almost everyone in each of the vans fell asleep at some point…LOL. Once we arrived we had to stand in a line and show our ID card, our dog tags, and our gas mask which we had to bring.

We then had to stand in one big company formation and go through a simple change of responsibility ceremony. A new first sergeant has arrived and is replacing our acting first sergeant (who is also the sergeant major). The ceremony only lasted a few minutes, which totally surprised me. Normally army folks jabber on and on, but I think the longest speech was less than 2 minutes! Just the way I like it! I have to admit that it did seem like a waste of time and resources. 3 of the 4 platoons are located more than an hour away and had to come up for this little ceremony. No worries though, we headed back and it kept me out of the office for the better part of the morning.

Once back we only had about a half hour before lunch. I left for lunch and made sure to take the entire hour and a half before heading back. I really just hate going to the office. I did however make it back and once again went through my customer's folders looking for errors. I suffered through the rest of the day until we were released at 1715 for the day.

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