Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Setup - (Germany) Day 141

This morning's PT was not actually PT at all. We had to report for our formation at the Pavilion in our PT uniform to help setup for the signal ball at 0745. I didn't really mind because we got to sleep in! The whole process turned out to resemble a Chinese fire drill. It reminded me of how stupid our leaders can be sometimes. We had a couple first sergeants there as well as a sergeant major all trying to tell us what to do. We setup a number of round tables and rectangle tables with chairs. The setup was so close together I don't know how anyone was going to be able to attend this event. We would be told to move something to a particular area…then a few minutes later move it somewhere else. It got old really quick…I think the civilian who is in charge of MWR got a little tired of it as well. He took over and had us move everything into place within a few minutes. We could have had all this done so long ago if he would have taken over earlier…instead we were there until lunch time! After the setup was done I am glad I will not be attending. I'm not going to pay $110 to feel like a second class citizen, which is how all the lower enlisted will be there all squeezed into their long cafeteria like tables.

I took lunch at my house, then headed into work. Work was pretty boring as usual, I surfed the internet and checked email…and that was about it. Nothing else to report there. I can say that I'm happy that I made it to Germany, but I'm not so happy that I ended up working in ComSec. I'll do my best to learn and do the job…but my heart will never be in it.

At home I did the usual…hung out with my wife and we caught up some more on our TV shows.

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