Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Exercise Is Over (FTX Day 23) - (Germany) Day 134

This morning I woke up and got ready like every other day. We had to be at work at 0700. When I arrived there was nothing to do as usual. The air force guys were a little pissed because they were told to come in even earlier at 0600. We waited around for a about a half hour, then we were told we could leave and out-process. Why we even came in at all, I'm not sure. I headed to the Mayor Cell and out-processed which consisted of finding my name on a list and signing, then chucking my badge in a box. All done…FTX is over. No award…not even a coin. Now you see why the army has made me so pessimistic. At the beginning we were all told we'd be getting an award and a number of coins. "There's going to be a different VIP coming in each day and you'll all be getting a bunch of coins". LOL…so much for that.

We hung out in the barracks for a while, until the other guys got picked up. I had told my unit to come at noon because that's what the NCOIC told me. I wish I would have told them to come earlier, because I just sat on my bed spending time reading or playing games on my iPhone for hours.

Two guys from my office finally arrived and picked me up. SPC Whirlwind was the driver and he made excellent time getting back…which was the good news. The bad news is that I was informed that I have to go to work tomorrow even though I've only had one day off since I started this damned exercise…now that is a lot of BS! I will not be in a good mood tomorrow and I definitely will have 0% motivation.

When I did get home I was dropped off and given the rest of the day off. I spent it unpacking and relaxing until my wife came home from work. We then had a nice dinner and a wonderful night together. We both missed each other and just enjoyed every minute we had together again.

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