Saturday, May 12, 2012

Check-Up - (Germany) Day 137

This morning's PT was a run off post in civilian clothes. I have to say I almost died! Too much time off of doing no exercise during the FTX for a month really got me out of shape. I ran…slowly I might add…for the first 2/3 of it, then walked most of the way back. Hopefully I'm able to get back in somewhat shape before my PT test at the start of next month.

I started work at 0900 and wasn't there long enough to do much. I had an appointment at 1020 at the hospital and left work at 0945 to make sure I was there 15 minutes early. The appointment was to try and figure out why I get so many headaches. I have almost constant headaches daily. Most are minor inconveniences, but some are major ones that force me to take up to 15 Excedrin. My doctor was a little shocked by that. I know it's not healthy, but I'm not sure what else to do when these come on. We discussed various issues and I came out with a prescription of some Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers. I also have a short term profile against wearing body armor or ruck sacks, because these are just a couple of the triggers that bring on my major headaches. If I get a permanent profile, then I'll have to go to a med-board and will most likely get discharged. We'll see if any of these less drastic solutions work before we go with that route. I went over and had an X-Ray taken of my neck and should area. I made an appointment to come back for a CAT scan next week.

I took the Ibuprofen, but as expected it did nothing to relieve my headache. I took my lunch break in the parking lot, in the car listening to music. I then went back to work at 1300 and we went over what still needs to be done before the major audit coming up. The 1st sergeant then came in and talked to everyone about ARIs. The army over-uses acronyms. It seems as if they don't make an acronym, then someone is not doing their job. An ARI is an Alcohol Related Incident. I guess they have been on the rise in our company and he wanted to tell everyone to stop it.

We cleaned up around the office and outside before being released at 1700, but not before each of us had to say what we did today to make a positive difference for the army. When I said I picked up trash outside our office, I was told it wasn't good enough. Instead, adding my new customers to my outlook contacts was good enough to allow me to leave.

Once home I changed, then my wife and I headed to Ikea to pick up some stuff and also eat dinner at their little restaurant. When we got back home we relaxed, I took my muscle relaxer and we watched some TV shows before going to bed. Let's hope that the muscle relaxers do something to help with the headaches…. I'm getting a little sick and tired of them.

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