Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Good News (FTX Day 21) - (Germany) Day 132

This morning we started work at 0700, so I did the normal morning routine of getting ready and grabbing some cereal for breakfast at the DFAC. The cereal is normal, but I have to say that the milk makes me wonder a little when I use it. It comes in the little portable boxes (similar to a juice box) and they do not keep it cold. Somehow it doesn't go bad…it does taste different through. My co-workers say that there is something wrong with milk that doesn't go bad. I think I'll still take the unnatural milk over the regular DFAC food though…just a little while longer.

At work all we did was watch YouTube videos (most popular were pranks and the most brutal knockouts with both boxing and MMA). There were no tickets to do and we had nothing else to do. The PFC went to church and a guy the security guard calls "Earthquake" left and did his laundry without the NCOIC even noticing. It was a pretty boring day. We did receive some good news though, the NCOIC confirmed that we are indeed leaving on Tuesday the 8th. I asked him for a time to have my unit come pick me up…he paused, looked up…and said noon. I'm hoping he doesn't forget this like he's forgotten other things he's told us, because I've relayed the information to my boss. Whether it's over or not, I'll be leaving at noon because after driving three hours to get me, they aren't just going to wait around after getting here.

The weather here in Grafenwoer is a little strange. When I arrived it was pretty cold, even though it's spring, it felt as though it was still winter. A week later it was so warm that I was sweating in my uniform when outside. Today it started raining like crazy and the temperature dropped what seemed like 20 degrees. Instead of walking around in shorts and a t-shirt, it was back to full on sweats bottom and top. It seems like when it rains it really pours here too. I hope I don't have to come back here…at least not in the near future…and never in the winter…I've heard it gets unbearably cold here!

After work we headed to the USO and I used the time there to upload to my blog of course, then video chatted with my wife for a while. We then headed back to the barracks where I finished watching a movie I started yesterday "W". I didn't know too much about the movie before watching it. It was about the life of George W Bush, his rise to the presidency up to the start of the gulf war. It was an interesting take, and I should say a very liberal take on his life. The movie paints him as a drunk growing up and always under the pressure of trying to live up to his father even throughout his presidency. I've been a conservative all my life, but lately I would say I've become a moderate. The movie is based on some truths I'm sure, but you can tell it was made from an anti-bush agenda as well as an anti-war (at least Iraq war) perspective. If there was any truth to the movie about how we ended up going to war with Iraq, I'd be pretty ashamed. The truth is I personally lost all faith in ALL politicians a while back, all they do is say whatever they think you want to hear. I really hate the way our government has become so extreme, so polarized on the left and on the right that they can't even function. It makes me sick that these goofs are supposed to be representing the people, but instead only focus on their own agenda. Ack! Enough about politics and politicians, I think they all suck…republicans and democrats alike.

I had also watched another movie I got from one of the air force guys today. He had a hard drive full of movies and I copied a couple to watch. I watched one called "Battle Royale" and it turned out to be a foreign film (Japanese) with subtitles. It was age restricted and turned out to be pretty violent. The theme was similar to that of "The Hunger Games". An entire class of students is chosen to get dropped on a deserted island and forced to kill each other until there is only one survivor left. They are each given a back pack with some basic supplies and a random weapon. It was pretty crazy watching all these kids kill each other. There were friends that turned on each other as well as lovers and so on. It was an interesting…and different show to watch. Interesting because it was a foreign film and I like to see a variety of films from everywhere. Different because I have never seen so much violence by kids…it even shocked me a couple times!

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