Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spondylosis - (Germany) Day 155

This morning's PT was very intense. Not only did I not have a lot of sleep, but we did muscle failure and like I was pretty intense! We did a lot of core body workouts and it was a great workout. I'm going to be sore from this one for a while!

I had my follow up appointment first thing in the morning for the CT scan and the X-Rays that were taken of my neck area. My doctor said the results of the CT scan were normal, but from the X-Rays they diagnosed me with cervical spondylosis. She said for a lot of people this is just normal degradation of the cartilage between the vertebrae and can cause issues with headaches and such. For now she gave me a 90 day profile at my request. She had to warn me that if I'm on profile, I'll not be able to get promoted and if I stay on for a year then I will have to go to a med-board to see if I'm able to stay in the army. I said that is fine, my health is a little more important to me than the few years I have left in the army. She also referred me to a physical therapist and gave me some sort of pain medication. In a perfect world the physical therapy will help and I am taking glucosamine on my own, then I will be able to get off the profile after the 90 days. Until then I will not have to wear body armor or a ruck sack. I will also not have to run or do sit-ups. These are all the things that I have found cause me to have the severe headaches. I guess time will tell how it all goes.

I headed over to the pharmacy to pick up my meds and then to the physical therapy office to schedule my first appointment for next week. I headed back to work for about a half hour before taking my lunch.

Back at work I went through my customers folders and made a follow up appointment with one of my accounts. I then went with my boss to another account's follow up appointment. These follow up appointments are to check to make sure they have resolved any issues that were discovered during our last audit of their site. It can be pretty simple or take a long time depending on how bad the audit went.

Back at the office we were told to go through our folders once again. Our NCOIC is stressing out about the upcoming audit on our office and has us doing the same thing over and over and over again to make sure everything is perfect. One big problem is that I am still so new at this, I'm not sure about everything I'm looking at. I ask questions when I have them, but I'm sure there is stuff I should be asking questions about, but don't know what those are!

We cleaned up around 1630 and waited around as usual looking at each other and waiting…and looking and waiting until we were finally released at 1710 for the day.

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