Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day of Destruction - (Germany) Day 219

We did not have any PT this morning, since it's the first of the month we had to do all the destruction. So with that and the upcoming CIP inspection, they decided there was no time for PT and had us head straight to the office. I grabbed a ride with my boss, but this time I was a little better prepared than yesterday. I woke up earlier and had cereal before I left…and most important I had the coffee ready to brew last night so I just had to push a button this morning. This way I have my coffee first thing…it's never good to start my day without coffee.

I did some of the beginning of the month paperwork that needed to be done. It may be a good thing that I'm the only clerk in the office right now because I'm actually learning how to do stuff. I tried making a follow up appointment for my knee, but it seems that my doctor does not have a schedule up yet. He told me to book it today and I've been trying all week with no luck. So I sent him an email…we'll see if he responds to that.

Several folks in the company had a PT test today and SGT Mex was weighed in after it finished. Earlier in the morning he had wrapped saran wrap around his waist with preparation h. I guess it temporarily reduces your waist size. So everything SGT Mex put into passing this test…starving himself, the colon cleanser, and the preparation h saran wrap did the trick. He was able to pass and will now be taken off the overweight program. This is a good thing because while on the program you are flagged, which means no leave, no passes, no school, nothing…basically you can't do anything except two PT sessions a day and your job…that's it. Now he just needs to keep the weight off.

I left for my physical therapy at 0930 and after working out various back, neck, and core muscles I enjoyed the IFC (Inferential Current Therapy)…or as I call it "shock treatment". I had bigger pads on me this time and they also turned up the current, so I was twitching all over the place…regardless I still took a bit of a nap. They lay down heat so it's on my back and neck while this whole process is going on, and it lasts about 20 minutes. By the time it's done, my muscles and back are totally relaxed and I usually have no pain. The therapist then comes and does some massaging on my neck (suboccipital release) which feels awesome, and finally the doc comes and manipulates my spine.

By the time I get back to the office, I have about 45 minutes until lunch…not that I'm counting. I spend the time surfing the web and jump out of there as soon as possible. I head to the food court and eat lunch while listening to my iPod and reading a book. It's my little mental escape for a while before I have to head back to the dungeon. Yes my office has no windows…only a small black and white monitor that shows the front door so we can see who is trying to get in. The problem is that the picture looks like it's nuclear winter outside and I can never tell who is at the door. Some folks are better than me and can guess who it is about 50% of the time.

I come back from lunch to help out with the physical destruction. The NCOs have been destroying electronic keys, but now I get to do some physical destruction which involves a lot of shredding. I shred key tapes, I shred tones of paper, and I even shred plastic. One of my tools is actually a sledge hammer that I have to use in order to destroy some other physical items!

We inventoried all the safes and then were let go for the day at 1700. Once home we quickly ate dinner and then headed off to the theatre on post to watch the latest Batman movie…"The Dark Knight Rises". It was pretty good and you can't beat the price here on post….$5.

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