Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Don't Make Plans - (Germany) Day 233

PT this morning was circuit training for muscle failure (for the normal folks), I headed to the gym with the broke people and did my own version of muscle failure on the weights and ended up with a pretty good workout.

I had an appointment first thing in the morning, so I headed straight there after dropping my wife off at work. This was my follow-up appointment from my knee x-rays. The x-rays didn't come up with much except for some degeneration of some of my bone. The doctor said that I would probably have to get an MRI, but they wanted to go through the steps first. My next step is to have my doctor do an actual knee exam, which I have to make another appointment for. Then they will schedule me for an MRI. The word arthritis was also mentioned…am I getting that old that I already have arthritis? I'm not sure what it is, but my knee is in constant pain, either a dull ache or sharp pains, and it always feels swollen.

Since the doctor's appointment didn't take too long, I headed straight over to the dentist office to get my yearly checkup done. This is done on a walk-in basis until 1130, so I had plenty of time. I needed this done so my MedPros will show up as green, then they will approve my pass request. The checkup went fine, I had to get x-rays (I may start glowing soon) and I have to now schedule a cleaning. After the cleaning I will have to schedule an appointment to have an existing filling removed and replaced. What fun…I hate the dentist.

I headed to work for about an hour. As I was checking my email I was informed that the company is sending me to the Intel-34 class. This class is all about ComSec from what I understand. Everyone is all super excited about this…except me. They told me I'll be leaving this weekend to Vilseck which is 172 miles away…all so I can be on stand-by for the class. You see I'm not even scheduled for the class, they are just hoping I can get a spot if there is an opening. If I do get a spot, the class lasts two weeks. I had signed up for my motorcycle class next week so I can get one more step closer to actually getting the license I've been after since I've been here. I have to wait and see if I get in this Intel-34 before I should cancel the motorcycle class or not. I also had put in a pass for the end of the month so I could head to England with my wife, but if I'm stuck in this class…I'll be there one day too long, so I will not be able to make the trip (which I've really been looking forward to). Needless to say I was pretty bummed. I don't want to be away from my wife for 2 weeks, I will miss the motorcycle class and will have to try and schedule another one…if they offer one in September, and I will not be able to make an awesome trip to England which I've had planned for months. All this for a class I could not give a crap for. It has nothing to do with I.T. which is what I signed up for…it's all about this hell called ComSec which I have ended up in.

I headed to lunch with my head swirling, not believing what just happened. I ate in the food court listening to music on my iPhone and reading my book. I had to then leave a little early and head over to my physical therapy appointment. I did my core and neck exercises and then laid down on the heat while the shock therapy was going on, it must have been extra relaxing because I crashed. I guess I was snoring pretty bad too…LOL. Anyway, I left the place feeling good physically, but still not good mentally.

Back at work I had to fill out the DTS (Defense Travel System) for my school and start gathering the required documents. The trip will be TDY, so I will make some extra money…but that doesn't mean crap to me. Everything is just a big hassle.

I cleaned up and we left at 1630. The good news is that we were finally able to get AT&T to unlock our phones legally, so I went and purchased another prepaid SIM card. Soon my wife and I will be able to use our iPhones as actual phones instead of just glorified iPods! I started my college classes again. I switched from University of Phoenix to Columbia Southern University and I'm hoping I'll like this school better. I'm starting with one class at a time to try it out. I'd like to finish my bachelor's degree while I"m here in Germany.

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