Friday, August 17, 2012

Organizational Day…Kind of - (Germany) Day 235

This morning we did not have any PT, instead we met up at 0730 in PHV at a BBQ event area. Today is the "organizational day" for our company. This is basically a soldier appreciation day and family appreciation day put on by the company. We put up a jump house for kids and the company purchased a large amount of meat (hamburger and hot dogs). Everyone else brought side dishes. It was extremely boring after we got everything setup, so I headed over to the get a coffee from the Java Cafe located here on post. I spent some time in the shop checking my Facebook on my phone using their wi-fi. After that I headed back to the "festivities". I can say that I will never buy a coffee from the Java Cafe on PHV again. This is the second time I've had a mocha and it was almost all chocolate syrup…yuck!

I found out that I had to head into work to help my boss and our CAM out with something. This was fine with me because there was not much going on at the organizational day. At work we received a lot of new ComSec material. The stuff we receive through special mail is all old fashioned paper based ComSec that we never actually issue out. In fact we receive it…hold it in our safes, inventory it every time we open the safe, then finally destroy it when it expires. It really makes no sense that we even have the stuff, but that is not for me to say. Since we have new items that arrived I had to go through and make sure that everything was accounted for and then go through each page of every little booklet that we received to make sure none were missing. I then had to add it to our inventory, so when we check our safe it will match up. This process took about 3 hours.

By the time we made it back to the festivities there was a little food left, but it was on plates that had been sitting out…so it was cold by now. I instead decided to walk home and eat my lunch at my house…in my living room where I watched a little TV. My wife took a break from work and came home, then we headed back to the festivities together. By the time we got there everyone was packing up and cleaning up. So much for attending. I was going to snap a few photos as well, but unfortunately the jump house and pretty much everyone was gone by the time we got back.

I headed home for the day at about 1400 and took a short nap, then did some schoolwork, then watched some TV. My wife came home and brought cake and ice cream. Since I will not be home for my birthday she was nice enough to make a cake for me :) We watched the first two Fast & Furious movies with the kids when they were here, so we decided to continue with them and watched number 3 and 4. After watching number 3 "Tokyo Drift" I started to wonder what order these are supposed to be in chronologically. I found out that "Tokyo Drift" is actually the last in the series and there was actually a short made called "Los Bandoleros" that actually occurs before number 4…I know confusing right? So I downloaded and watched "Los Bandoleros" as well. It basically just shows everyone getting ready for the heist scene in the first sequence of the movie in number 4. Anyways…that was my exciting night, I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow for my one day of weekend.

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