Friday, August 3, 2012

No Days of Excellence - (Germany) Day 221

The door of the DFAC in Campbell Barracks...pretty cool!

PT this morning was just a formation for accountability, then everyone headed off to Rammstein for Days of Excellence…that is everyone except me, my boss, SPC Whirlwind and our CAM (ComSec Account Manager). We all stayed behind in order to do our last minute preparations for the CIP inspection coming up next week.

After the formation we headed to the DFAC here at Campbell Barracks. I have never went there before, but I was told it was good. So we headed over and what seemed like down into the basement and through some secret passages. I had to duck quite a bit to avoid hitting my head on the pipes and doorways. We finally arrive to a very small DFAC. At the register we pay and fill out or order for eggs or omelet…very cool. The food is indeed good and makes me wonder why we haven't come over here before.

Back at the office I work on the issues we found in each of the account folders yesterday. I had to email each customer requesting a new memo for this or that reason. I also sent them copies of their old memos with a template to create a new one. This process took most of the morning and actually made time go by pretty quick.

I headed to lunch at the food court…Subway, a book, my iPod…my escape at least for an hour and a half. Once back my part of helping out was done…I just did some serious web surfing the rest of the day. I spent most of it reading news feeds from my Twitter page. I've started following quite a bit more news and tech and now usually have a ton of posts to read and follow up on. I also spend a substantial amount of time on Facebook and my hometown newspaper's website (The Kitsap Sun).

When everyone finally got back from the Days of Excellence around 1500, I was informed that I didn't miss much. Some long army training on stuff we seem to have almost monthly (sexual harassment) and a few awards. I'm glad I missed out on it.

We cleaned up and waited. I inventoried a safe with SGT Mex, then waited some more. I waited…1700 came and went. I waited. After 1700 I turn off my computer thinking we'll be leaving soon, but instead I wait longer. I wait and look at a black screen. I wait…and I wait. This is one of the many things that just drive me completely nuts about the army. Finally at 1730 we get released and I take off to spend the rest of the evening with my family.

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