Monday, August 6, 2012

CIP Inspection - (Germany) Day 224

PT this morning was a run off post in civilian clothes for the normal guys and cardio workout in the gym for those of us on profile. I used the stationary bicycle for my workout…a good cardio workout with no impact. Speaking of PT…SGT Mex is back on the overweight club. He did pass his last test as I mentioned last week, but the first sergeant thought it was too much of a drop since their last measurement. So the first sergeant wanted to verify it last Friday and by that time I guess SGT Mex had gained a little of his width back. So he's back on the 2-a-day workouts and still flagged while on the program….bummer.

Work started off normal enough. My boss and his boss left for his promotion board. I had to attend a meeting with the platoon sergeant since I was the last person left in our section. I heard all about the various things coming up this week as well as all the paperwork that needs to get done. I'm shocked that everything is not digital…they still do so much by paperwork, even when some of the stuff is available digitally.

The inspector came for the CIP Inspection that we had been trying to prepare for all last week. I really didn't deal with him much other than saying "hi" when he came in. He spent the entire time in the vault with our CAM, and my boss once he came back from his promotion board. He is methodically going through all of our paperwork checking to make sure everything perfectly matches up to how it should be. I hear he'll be doing the same thing tomorrow and then checking out some of our accounts on Wednesday.

I then checked my email and surfed the web a bit. I also had to get all the paperwork together to submit my pass request for the end of the month, we're planning to head to England for the Labor Day 4-Day weekend. I think I had to submit a total of 6 items! I still get mad, but mostly I just shake my head at all the red tape and BS that has to be done to do anything.

I took lunch in my car, then had physical therapy afterwards…which is always nice. I was also told that I had to see the optometrist by my platoon sergeant. He said I was due for an "IME", but couldn't tell me what exactly what an "IME" was. I headed over to the optometrist, but they had no idea what I was talking about which didn't surprise me one bit. I headed back and told my platoon sergeant that I tried.

The rest of the day was surfing the web a bit and then cleaning up. We then inventoried a safe and left a little after 1700. Not much to mention about the evening other than we enjoyed some quality family time together which I cherish.

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