Thursday, August 23, 2012

Class is a Headache…Literally! - (Germany) Day 241

So I woke up this morning and performed what has become my morning ritual…get up at 0620, throw on some shorts and a t-shirt and then head to the continental breakfast. When I finished my cereal and yogurt, I tried to get my coffee and head back to the room as usual. I kept pressing the button, but nothing happened. One…Two…Three times still nothing. I guess I was still on auto-pilot and really not awake because I did not see the huge "out of order" sign on the coffee machine. Crap!

I was able to brew coffee in my room and finish getting ready for the day. The day of class was the same as the previous days…lots of very dry material, lots of reference manuals, and lots of me trying to stay focused. One of the main problems is that I'm still having some major headaches constantly each day. I wake up with my head pounding and it continues to pound all day long until I go to sleep. Sleep seems to be my only respite. A couple of days ago I was hoping it was finally going away, but unfortunately that was not the case. My upper back and neck are tight and sore as well, and it seems no amount of headache medicine or muscle relaxers do anything. Well the muscle relaxers I only take at night for fear that I'll actually fall asleep in class if I take them during the day. There is something very wrong with me and my head, a normal person isn't in constant pain for this long. I know I'll have to push through and finish this class before I can go back to my doctor, but this is just going to suck. On top of that I have my knee issue which is always a dull throbbing pain…I'm fucking falling apart!

After lunch we were given our homework back and I finally got a passing grade with an 85%! (80% is passing). The homework doesn't count towards passing the class, but it kind of gives you an idea where you are at the moment. My previous grades were 70% and 75%. Normally I would be pissed unless I received anything less than 100%, but not with ComSec. Don't get me wrong…I do want to pass the class and I plan too, but I just can't seem to get excited or motivated for it. I'll just keep plugging along one day at a time.

We were released about 1630. I headed to my room, changed and then headed to the DFAC after 1700. Once back I chatted with my wife for a bit, then spent a couple hours doing homework for both this class and my online class. All I'm doing is filling my head with more and more information…I had to take a break and relax a bit…my movie tonight was "Armored"…not a bad flick! Now it's time to video chat with my wife before heading to bed and starting it all over again tomorrow.

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