Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Practical Exercising - (Germany) Day 247

Today was a day of what they called "Practical Exercises". It was definitely much better than listening to a lecture all day. We were given a scenario and then have to find all the correct forms and fill them out to the specification we learned earlier in class. The problem is that there are so many government forms and each scenario seemed to require quite a few forms to complete it. The entire class did their work in pencil so we could erase our work and put in the correct answers as we went over each scenario. Each scenario builds upon the previous scenario, so if you get your paperwork messed up, then you will end up with a huge mess. Once we were finished with each scenario, we would head to the break room and wait until called back into the classroom. This was a great opportunity for me to take a nap each time.

I headed to lunch at the DFAC as usual and then talked to my wife for a bit during lunch. I didn't really have time to take a nap, but that was made up for with each of our breaks in class. We continued the scenarios until about 1530 when we were released. We'll be finishing up the scenarios tomorrow and then doing some review before our test on Friday.

I headed back to my room and changed, then headed to the shoppette in order to get some shaving cream, I abruptly ran out this morning! While there I ate a Yufka Döner from a vendor on post. Those things are so good, they kind of look like a burrito, but they are filled with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and chicken with a yogurt sauce. I haven't been spending money on food while I'm here because the DFAC is free, but it's nice to have a little variety every now and then.

Back in my room I spent some time doing schoolwork before settling down and watching a movie. Tonight's movie "Brotherhood of the Wolf". Like a lot of my movies, I just borrowed them based on the name. I was expecting some type of werewolf movie, but it turned out to be a foreign film (French) and had nothing to do with werewolves. It was about a french village that was being terrorized by a monster back in 18th century France. A French man along with his American Indian buddy are sent by the king to investigate the killings. The movie is long and has takes some time to build, but had some good fighting scenes (who knew that American Indians knew Kung-Fu?) and was ultimately a decent movie... interesting to see a movie that is not Hollywood produced.

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