Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting Counseled - (Germany) Day 225

An example of a German speed trap camera like the one
that "flashed" my wife

PT this morning was muscle failure for the normal people. I headed to the gym with the profiles and did some weight training…a good workout on my core. Have I mentioned I love going to the gym much more than PT with everyone else? I was able to listen to my iPod and work on specific areas without hurting myself.

I left to work a little early in order to pick up the new guy and give him a ride to the shopping center for in-processing. I remember those days…trying to stay awake in a room while getting bombarded with brief after brief all day long. I headed to the office and took a 10 minute nap before actually heading into the office. I've become used to this morning nap and really look forward to it now. I have to always leave early in order to take my wife into work, which brings me to my office usually about 15 to 20 minutes early.

The day started with some preparations for the weekend. I had my car inspected because it's a four day weekend coming up. This is something I still think is stupid. I'm a grown man and in all my other jobs I never had to deal with all this extra baby sitting big brother crap, so it's a little hard to get used to. I then had to sign a counseling statement for the 4-day weekend. I had to agree by signature to the following:

If you consume alcohol do so in moderation

Do not drink and drive

Use the buddy system

Do not use drugs, unless prescribed by your provider

Plan your travel accordingly if traveling outside the Heidelberg area

Check the forecast for bad weather, heavy traffic, or delays.

In the event you need transportation use your chain of command

Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment will not be tolerated

Use OPSEC (Operational Security), be aware of your surroundings and do not bring attention to yourself

Avoid domestic disturbance, if this issue arises leave the area immediately

Stay away from the off limit areas

Use common sense, if you have to think twice about it, then don't do it at all.

Receive an updated alert roster

Failure to comply with safety standards will result in corrective training or recommendation for UCMJ…Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!

I get that they want everyone to be safe, but signing a little piece of paper isn't going to change anyone's behavior, it just adds more paperwork. We also have to sign another paper which is virtually the same thing called "Under the Oak Tree" stating that we've discussed the weekend with our supervisor. Oh and on top of that we have to turn in our weekend checklist stating exactly what we are doing this weekend. Of course I put the usual on mine "Spending time with my lovely wife and family within 150 mile radius of Heidelberg". (This is the mileage limit we can go without submitting a pass).

I had lunch in my car…my music…my book…my escape. Back in the office I surfed the internet for a while. I contacted one of our customers about a change in a memo they need to make because of our current CIP inspection. I then found out I had to sign yet another counseling statement. This one was because on the 24th of April my wife was driving the car and got "flashed". Here in Germany they setup a lot of traffic cameras in the places that do have speed limits to catch people breaking the speed limit. There are a few in Heidelberg and everyone knows where they are and when to slow down. On one particular day all the lights were green and my wife accidentally got caught going 9 kilometers over the speed limit (which is about 5.5 miles over). So now in August the commander finally gets the ticket and it gets passed down through the chain of command until my boss gets it. He then has to write up a counseling statement that I have to sign…because it was my car that was flashed (even though I was not driving). Here are some exerts:

As a United States Army Soldier, SPC McGuire these actions are unacceptable.

SPC McGuire driving is a privilege and can be revoked if you continue to abuse the law. Do not make this a habit.

If this conduct continues, action may be initiated to separate you from the service under AR 635-200.

Wow…so my wife's bad driving can actually get me kicked out of the army! LOL. I had to give her a hard time about that one  :)

We were released at 1700 and I spent the evening just having some quality time with my family. Still no word on my daughters command sponsorship paperwork, so we are assuming that she'll be going home with her brother and sister this coming Monday unfortunately.

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