Friday, August 24, 2012

A Short Day - (Germany) Day 242

This morning I woke up as usual and grabbed my continental breakfast, then got ready and headed to class. We sped through a number of briefings so we could head to lunch and then come back for the week 1 quiz. This quiz is to establish where we are at in the class. Before we left we went over our homework, I scored an 80…I guess that's right on target to pass the class. I'm not too concerned with the homework though, I just need to pass the final exam which is a lot easier than the homework. The final exam is multiple choice and you do not need to put down a reference for every answer like we do with the homework. That is actually the entire goal of all our homework assignments, it gets everyone a lot of practice looking up regulations in the manuals.

I left for lunch at the DFAC, headed to my room for a quick nap, then back to class for the quiz. We had an hour to take the quiz and then we went over each of the answers. I scored a 90. We cleaned up and then we had to hear our safety brief from the class leader. He had everyone give one thing out to the class for the weekend (such as don't drink and drive...don't beat your wife). These are always pretty stupid, the same thing over and over again…and they don't stop soldiers that are going to be stupid and get into trouble from being stupid and getting into trouble. When he got to me I said "don't commit bestiality"… he said he's not going to ask me We were then released for the weekend.

I headed home and did one of our homework lessons for the weekend. I then went and ate dinner at the DFAC before doing a little reading. My wife headed over after she got off work. When she finally arrived, we hung out a bit and then watched "Contagion" on my laptop. It turned out to be a pretty good movie. It's all about the fear and the fragile balance of our society…it only takes one event for everything to start falling apart.

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