Monday, August 27, 2012

SKL - (Germany) Day 245

This morning I settled into the same routine I've been into since arriving here…eat my continental breakfast, watch NBC Nightly News (free video podcast via iTunes), drink my coffee, then shower and get ready to start my day.

I headed to class a few minutes early today. Everyone always gets together in the parking lot to go over their homework…well it's basically people just copying answers that they couldn't find from others that could find them. I usually arrive just in time to head straight into class, but over the weekend I did have one answer that I couldn't find, so I joined the "study group" this morning to get my answer. One of the sergeant's was furiously writing down every single answer from another guy, he ended up drinking and partying all weekend and didn't do any homework!

Once in class we started off the morning with the dry material. We are now into what exactly constitutes a ComSec incident and how to write reports for those incidents. Fun and exciting stuff right? I decided to entertain myself…we have some very large manuals that we have to look up everything in all the time when doing homework and when taking the test. We were given a lot of little sticky post it notes to mark important pages in the manuals. I started taking my little post it page markers and sticking them in the manual of the specialist sitting next to me. He already had a bunch of markers in place…so I just started adding to them on totally random pages. Anytime he would look away, or when we would go on break I would add a few more. He's going to start wondering why he marked certain pages…LOL.

We broke for lunch and I headed to the DFAC, then to my room and spoke with my wife for a bit before laying down and taking a quick nap. Back in class it actually got a little interesting. We were each given an SKL (Simple Key Loader). This device is similar to a Palm Pilot, but is a lot larger and has been "ruggedized" for military use. It's main purpose is to receive the encryption keys that we give it, and then load them into an end user device such as a radio. We all had some hands on training and at least we were playing with a gadget. We were actually doing something other than trying not to fall asleep in class. We practiced by adding "items" such as Apache and HMMWV (Humvee). We then used a cable to transfer these items to each another person's device. After I transferred my items to my partner he looked a little confused when the instructor said we should now each have 6 items on our device. My partner kept looking at the board and back at his screen. I had made an item called "Your Mom" and it had transferred to his device. He was looking on the board to try and find "Your Mom" under the items…LOL. I had to tell him I was joking around before the instructor asked him what was on his device. I could just imagine...Instructor "what's on your device", and the kid telling him "your mom".

We were released at 1615. I did my usual nightly routine…go to room, change, go to DFAC and eat, then proceed back to room. I was hoping that today would be the first day that I wasn't in a lot of pain, but as the day progressed my head got worse and worse. I ended up having to take some headache medicine after dinner. I'm getting so tired of my head always in pain!

I watched a movie called Bangkok Dangerous with Nicholas Cage. Of course I thought it was a decent movie, Cage is an assassin and goes around killing people and blowing things up. What surprised me is that the movie started off in the city of Prague where I was just visiting!

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