Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Long Day - (Germany) Day 218

This morning's PT was on PHV, but everyone from our office just showed up in ACUs for accountability. After formation I road in to work with my boss where I ate breakfast at the food court. I then surfed the web waiting for the shoppette to open up at 0800 so I could get coffee. Everyone headed in early because of an upcoming CIP inspection next week. They just had me come in early with them because they didn't want me to do PT by myself.

I then spent the time checking emails and then all our customer's account folders. SPC JayZ is on leave, we have two guys out-processing, and another clerk just left on TDY to Italy. I would have gone to Italy, but chose not to because my kids are here…a great opportunity though! Anyways that leaves basically just me to handle all the accounts. I was supposed to go through all the folders and see if there was anything that needs fixing  (i.e. missing signatures, missing memos, correct dates, etc.)

The entire morning SGT Mex kept heading to the bathroom about every 5 to 10 minutes. The first time out he exclaimed that he just "crapped out 1.5 liters of liquid shit". SGT Mex is currently on the overweight program and is about to get weighed tomorrow. He's gone down a few pounds each month, but really wanted to pass this time. So first thing in the morning he took some sort of colon cleanser or something and was not eating anything all day. He went so often that everyone just started avoiding the bathroom all together. It was pretty funny because some of the times he had to get up and start running towards the toilet!

I headed to the food court for lunch and spent my time reading my book and eating lunch. I waited until the last second to go back into the office. I have mentioned how much I disliked going into the office, but today I realized how much I just really hate going in. When I had to head back a wave of depression washed over me. I'm not sure why even. The job is not difficult and most of the people I work with are good people, but I just hate it. Maybe it's just all the stupid stuff I have to deal with. I hate that I'm doing a job I didn't sign up for. I hate the lack of common sense in almost every aspect of the army. Despite all that…I slowly made my way back to the office.

I sent out a couple more emails and surfed the web. I've ended up using Twitter quite a bit more. Not because I tweet at all, but because I can subscribe to a number of news outlets back home and nationwide. It gives me a lot of stories to read all in one place, and helps pass the time.

I then helped SGT Mex with some paperwork. It was basically just typing up some memos, but at least it was doing something. We got off at 1700 and headed home to eat and quickly get ready for a movie. My girls have been waiting and waiting for Chernobyl Diaries to come out and when it finally had a date here on PHV it turns out they were sent the wrong two reels, so the show was cancelled! So to make it up to the kiddos we bought them ice cream and headed home to watch a movie…."From Dusk 'til Dawn" an interesting classic from Quentin Tarantino. The movie is so out there, it's funny. Everyone was thinking…what the heck is going on here???

Side Note: With the late nights and the kids I've found myself a couple days behind...I'll be catching back up soon!

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