Thursday, August 9, 2012

No CBRN = A Good Day - (Germany) Day 227

PT this morning was a little different. Instead of forming up as a company, I just met up with my boss and his boss at the gym. Everyone else in the company formed up a little later at about 0745 to leave for Landstuhl where they were going to conduct the CBRN (Chemical, Biologica, Radiological, Nuclear) … (Think Gas Mask and all the protective suit and boots that go on over our uniform) training. This was one I was happy to miss. I've been through the gas chamber at basic and then a more comprehensive one with additional training at our last FTX. The last thing I want to do is all that…all over again. Instead I had a good workout at the gym and then headed into the office because they needed at least one person there with the CIP inspection wrapping up.

I spent the day answering the phone every now and then along with checking email and surfing the web. The day was pretty easy going. I ate lunch in my car, listened to music and read my book.

Back in the office I was merrily surfing the web, when SGT Mex and a new guy (in our company) came back. SGT Mex asks me if I'm busy…this is kind of a trick question, if I'm not busy he'll give me something to do. I tell him "I'm doing some MOS research" (reading technology articles). He then asks if I can show a sergeant from Landstuhl and his new soldier how to get to PHV…and then I can have the rest of the day off. No problem! I lead the way and then head home to surprise my kiddos.

I spent the rest of the day with my kids…playing games and just hanging out. After my wife got off work, we then took the kids out to dinner with SPC Whirlwind and his family. I had promised my daughters that they could have a beer at a local restaurant since we are in Germany. I remember my first time over here as a teenager and how "cool" it was to have a beer at a restaurant before I was 21. Both of my girls only ended up drinking a small portion of their beer, not wanting to waste I finished one and Mrs. Whirlwind (a German) finished the other…in fact she finished it like a pro downing the entire glass in just a couple gulps!

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