Thursday, July 1, 2010

Forced Relocation (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 13

A random video...A guy in our room doing his own version of
our "Charlie Company Motto". We have to memorize this and
say it as a company every so often.

We did some of the normal PT today again which even included skipping across the field. I know there is don't ask don't tell, but maybe they should include "don't act" to that list, I felt a little gay skipping across the field....I'm just saying.

School today was a bit odd. We have another sergeant who has been our teacher for the last two days. He's not as good as our normal instructor. He's all over the place and you can tell he hasn't taught much...or at all. He also tells us to "just do some of your online quizzes" a lot of the time instead of going through the chapters. Then out of the blue he'll start teaching us CCNA stuff. I'm all for being high speed and all, but I think a lot of people in our class were very confused. Heck, I've taken the CCNA classes at my local college and the way this guy was teaching was confusing me! Hopefully we'll get our normal instructor back soon.

Dixon Hall (where all of our classes are) also has some "high speed" vending machines. These things can even take your credit card to get your favorite drink of choice. They make if very easy to spend your money here. I bought a Gatorade at the PX today and I think I'm going to refill it at the DFAC each day and bring that to class instead of spending money all the time. By the way "high speed" is used here a lot. It can be used about a soldier who is squared away and moving through the ranks quickly. It has also been used about pretty much anything that is high tech or a person who is smart. It's pretty funny hearing all the ways that people use it.

We also found out that a number of people in our company are being forced to relocate to a new company. They chose people who haven't started classes yet, or ones where there are only a few from Charlie company in a class full of another company. They are calling it class integrity. Trying to keep people together is their goal. All the people that have to move to a new company are not very happy at all. Some of them have been here for a while and others have only been here a short time like me, but everyone has settled in and started getting used to how everything is run in Charlie company.

After chow we all had to meet in the day room for our formation because there was a light sprinkle and lightning may strike and kill someone if we were out in the rain. There was obviously way too many people crowded in the day room which made the smell pretty bad. We got a briefing and everyone was also told to stop teasing the Mexicans. I didn't know about this, but I guess some of the Hispanic folk have been complaining about being teased about their accents and such. The sergeant asked all the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans to leave. Then told everyone about the complaints.

Overheard Quote: "Why don't they make the women shave?" (PFC Metal asked after watching a girl walk by with a mustache that could rival half the guys at this place)

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