Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Hate You (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 15

Today we got to sleep in until 7 AM. We officially started our 4 day weekend today, and to start it off we had a sergeant (who is not part of our company) come out to our morning formation and state that he hates all of us. He is just a dirt bag. I think the poor guy was pissed off because he was told to stay here today and babysit us...he couldn’t start his own 4 day weekend. So he took it out on those of us who were unfortunate enough to have to stay in the barracks.

We had to do detail (clean up) until a little after 13:00 then we were free until 18:00 for the last formation of the day. At this time the sergeant stated in a very low voice “I was told to let you know you can sign out to go watch the fireworks. If you see me don’t come up and talk to me” Like anyone would want to talk to that guy. What a jerk.

I never got the details of when and where the fireworks were, so I decided not to go. I instead did a little homework, worked out a little, watched a movie on netflix, and video chatted with my wife.

I have hall guard duty at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning so I will not be sleeping in, but it should be a pretty laid back day where I can take a nap if needed :)

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