Sunday, July 18, 2010

RBK (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 31

A photo of our room in RBK. My bed is the first to the right. The rooms are nice
and clean, just like the rest of RBK. I wish I had a picture of our old rooms in
Charlie, then one can see why this is so much better!

Today we woke up and had formation at 8:30 AM. We did a little detail (cleaning) around the barracks and then we were done for the rest of the day. A nice thing about being phase V now is that we can show up on weekend formations in our PT uniforms (shorts and a shirt) and then when our duties are finished we can change into civilian clothes, which is much nicer than putting on our entire ACUs for the whole day. 
PFC Metal showed me his secret this morning to making a super tight bed. His method includes using bungee cords underneath the bed to pull the sheets tight. With PFC Metals help my bed is tight and will stay that way. (Let’s hope that I made it to their standards). This will be perfect because I plan on sleeping on top of everything like before.
PFC Metal and I then went to the PX (which is much closer now) and bought some needed items and had brunch (volcano tacos for me). We then came back to our barracks and washed clothes.
RBK barracks...let me tell you a little more about this place. The entire place is very clean and seems new. The bathrooms are huge and they seem to even sparkle, plus the toilets have automatic flushing, no worries about finding a surprise when you open the stall door. The day rooms (which they have multiple of) are spacious and have big LCD screens on the wall. They look like mini movie theatre rooms. The laundry rooms as you can see below actually have plenty of new (and working) washers and dryers. I can actually do laundry now...imagine that! The Showers are individual showers with curtains, so no more sausage fests will be going on. I hear that hall guard shifts on the weekdays are one hour long, but the weekends are 6 hours long. There are also no women allowed here, that will get rid of all the flirting, drama and everything else that seems to go on at Charlie company. I really think this place will turn out to be a much better place to live once we get the hang of how everything works.
A photo of our laundry room in RBK. One may not think much of this, but compared to
our old laundry room, this place is heaven!!!


Just wanted to share that I fully enjoyed reading ALL of your journal entries thus far and will continue to read them as they are posted. I'm 33 and a father of 2 who actually has lived here in Georgia my entire life. I know exactly what you mean by the heat and humidity. I go Tuesday the 20th the take the ASVAB and look to enlist soon after. I appreciate the unedited version of what the expect and tips on how to make the experience better. I wish you the best of luck in AIT and hope it is over soon. Once again, thank you for creating this site and keep up the great work.

Korey Mitchell

Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 10:11 AM


Thanks, this has been a pretty crazy experience. Good luck with the ASVAB and with any future military career afterwards. We were just told today by our platoon sergeant to remember that this is not the real army, we are only in a training environment. The real army is way different. I look forward to that. I also look forward to keeping up with the journal. It's been a great way to release and get everything off my chest. It will also be interesting to look back on later. I also read a number of other's journals when getting ready to join myself, so I want to be able to let others know what it's really far as my experience.

Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 08:45 PM

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