Friday, July 23, 2010

Test Day (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 36

This morning our RBK PT sergeant decided to do some “old school” PT with us. There were a lot of push-ups and sit-ups involved. We had a sergeant in front of us and one behind us. The one in front would have us do a number of push-ups, then we would go back to the position of attention and do an about face so the other sergeant could tag team and have us do a number of sit-ups. This continued for a while...I can tell you that my arms felt like jello the rest of the day. A good workout indeed!

Today we had a two part final test for our CCNA class. The first part was a practical exam. We had to configure a router and a couple end devices.  We were given a network address and had to subnet it out in order to configure all the devices. The second part of the exam was the normal written exam given by Cisco. They word the questions extremely difficult so you have to take your time reading the question just to figure out what they are trying to ask.

I scored 100% on the practical exam and I missed one on the written exam to give me 98% on it for a total of 99% for the class, which was the best in the class! Woohoo! There are normally a number of people who fail each time and our class was no exception. We had 6 people fail and they were given a chance to retake the test tomorrow early in the morning.

I found out by chance while waiting for the RBK formation back to the barracks that I have to do my EOC tomorrow. This is the “End Of Cycle” PT test! I wouldn’t have even known if I didn’t decide to wait in the day room of our company where I passed by the white board and saw it. arms are freakin’ jello and I have to do my EOC tomorrow...I’m not too happy about that.

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