Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Singers (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 28

This morning we had formation at 4:45, but we had to be in ACUs and have our IDs with us. We were not told why, but there was no PT. We then got in alphabetical order and marched to a building about 50 meters away. When we got there we filed in and went to a table where we verified our name and social security number on a sheet of paper, then initialed it. When we were done we went back to our barracks. Not sure what it was for or anything...and of course we were not told.

We were in the room for about 15 minutes and then everyone was called out to yet another formation. I guess the sergeants didn't like us doing nothing in our rooms. So instead we stood in formation for a half hour until we were finally released for breakfast. Sergeant Cujo had to give some threats and crap about us marching and sounding off. (yesterday he didn't like the way we were sounding off, so he said we were not allowed to sound off at all yesterday….oh darn)

Since mandatory study hall started, our personal time has been cut very short. With the other duties and cleaning that we have to do, we hardly have any time left in the day. I spend a lot less time chatting with my wife and kids. I also have no time for homework, so I have to make sure to get it all completed during the study hall. I have to admit though that going to the study hall sure helps with all the interruptions and duties that we end up doing while in barracks. It does what it is meant to do and gives us time to get our homework done.

There has been a lot of new restrictions placed and enforced. Almost daily we'll here of new things that we have to do, or of some policies that were not enforced before that will be enforced now. It seems like there is so many things to remember. Last night PFC Metal went down to get his laundry downstairs (because all of the washers on our floor are broken) after 2100 and a sergeant saw him and made him clean the laundry room because he was downstairs after 2100. We've never heard of such a thing, but they mentioned it today as an existing policy that is now being enforced. The other new one mentioned today is that we also have to make sure to turn in weekend pass requests a week early. I guess people have been turning them in a day before and such.

Class was interesting today, we were singing the Signal Corps March again and sounding horrible as usual. A sergeant was walking by and came in pissed off because we sounded so bad. He made everyone get down in the "front leaning rest" (the push-up position) and start doing push-ups. This included the MOS-T sergeants that are in our class. Needless to say we have had to practice a number of times throughout the day. LOL

Overheard Quote: "Someone has colon cancer!" (a random sergeant after coming out of the bathroom at school complaining about how bad it smelled in there)

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