Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1st Weekday @ RBK (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 33

Today was my first weekday at RBK. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about what it will be like living here during the week and most of them were all about how little time we will have.

I woke up at 4:30 AM to shave and brush my teeth and we had PT formation at 5:15. RBK used to march over and do their PT with Charlie company, but starting this week we will be doing our own PT. This is a good thing because it will save a lot of time. We did PT across the street in a baseball field, pretty much the normal PT sessions we’ve been doing at Charlie. I’ve heard that when we have Sergeant Clark do our PT sessions they will be altered a bit and will be more intense.

We had breakfast at the RBK DFAC a.k.a RFAC. This place is so much nicer than the Charlie DFAC...it’s incredible. There are also always open seats. The food is good. One of my favorites is the yogurt parfait and the pancake sandwiches. There are LCD TVs on the walls and even flowers on the table...even though they are fake it’s still a nice touch...LOL.

Hurried up and finished breakfast, then took a quick shower and cleaned our room. The rooms have to be spotless before we leave. Had to be out in formation for the 7:30 bus ride to Dixon Hall for classes. We arrive before everyone else so we get to sit down and take a quick 15 minute nap before the rest of the companies start arriving.

After lunch Sergeant Cujo found a couple of people with cell phones and took them away. He also spoke to everyone in formation and made some threats about taking more away if he found them and doing a shakedown right then and there. He pretty much left it at that and warned people about bringing phones to classes.

We then had class, a break for dinner, then study hall. After study hall we went to formation and marched to our company area. Had to wait there through mail call and some announcements. RBK people were then released to walk back in buddy teams to RBK. When we arrived we found out we had another formation. Holy cow...I’m hot and sweaty and just want to get in and take a shower. We had some more announcements and I heard this is somewhat unusual from others. I guess they usually don’t have nightly formations at RBK (good).

Finally got back to the room at 21:00, time enough to take a shower and make a quick call to my wife before lights out at 21:30. A busy day indeed. Not much personal time and always on the go doing something. The time crunch is better in the morning I hear, but with the study hall at night we sure don’t get much time at all.

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