Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 17

Last night (very late) two of our roommates came back after a night out on the town. They just turned Phase V so they now can go off base and drink. They came back pretty lit up with stories of milfs, chunky women, girls from our platoon and much more. It sounded like they had a pretty interesting night to say the least. After they settled down I was able to take a short nap before my hall guard shift at midnight. The guy who was supposed to be with me never showed up. I did my two hours and then woke up the next shift and slept in until 8:00 AM.

We celebrated Independence day with a crap load of formations. We had formations at 8:30, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00, and 18:00. Are you kidding me? It really sucks when we have to keep coming back and forming up over and over again. We had a mandatory BBQ at 14:00. During this time they fired up the BBQ and some soldiers manned it. The rest of us were required to stay outside or in the day room only. I decided not to partake and went with another guy to the DFAC. I've had enough cheeseburgers and hotdogs lately and just wasn't feeling it. We were also required to wear ACUs the whole time and it was warm, so eating dinner in the air conditioned DFAC sounded nice.

The guy I went with to the DFAC is having some issues here and being in the army in general. He's really depressed and wants to leave. He is 27 and has a child at home. I spent the whole time talking with him about these issues. I don't think he'll make it, just because he has no desire to be here. He actually hates it here. I think he feels like I felt a few days ago when I had a bad day, except his never get better. I feel for him. He's also having a tough time grasping all the concepts and stuff in class. He doesn't have any background with computers and he's falling behind in the class. Basic training and AIT can be a tough and lonely place. Especially if you don’t have a very good support system.

I had hall guard duty again at 18:00 and this time I had a guy actually show up to do it with me. We had to do a bunch a cleaning earlier, so everything was already done. We both just sat on the floor of the hall with our laptops "guarding it". My butt eventually went numb…the dangers of guarding a hall!

Overheard Quote: "What should I think when my husband tells me I love you like a stripper loves dollar bills?" (One of the female privates talking to another)

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