Saturday, July 24, 2010

Phase Back Friday (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 37

This morning as promised, I had my EOC PT test. I woke up at 3:30 to shave and get ready for our special formation at 4:00 where the duty van picked us up and drove us to Charlie Company. We then formed up with the rest of Charlie who had to take the test. We marched over to the testing field and after stretching and getting the same set of instructions we get for every PT test we started. I did 57 push-ups, 47 sit-ups, & ran the 2-mile in 16:17. This gave me a total score of: 221. The 2-mile seemed so much harder than usual. I am really starting to think it may have to do with all the crappy food I’m eating here. In basic we were not allowed to eat anything except the healthy DFAC food. Here at AIT we have Krispy Kreme donuts every morning and my weakness...a soft serve ice cream machine that I abuse on a daily basis at lunch and dinner. I also found a new treat that it can be used for, I grab a cake and then put ice cream all over it. I think I’m going to stop the donuts all together and cut back on my ice cream intake. 

Our first day of CCNA2 started today. The first day didn’t start off too well. We went into our room and waited for our instructor. We ended up waiting for about two hours before they gave us a substitute. I guess our new instructor was already teaching a class and we would get her next week. So our substitute took over and we started our new class. The room was warm and everyone was having trouble staying awake. I stood myself up twice because I was close to falling asleep.

I heard that a number of Charlie Company people are getting phased back to IV today because their barracks were dirty and who knows what else. What a bummer for them. Others think it’s because they need more phase IV people to do the duties this weekend. Either way I’m glad I’m over at RBK now. Not only for this but because during our weekend safety briefing (don’t get in trouble or be stupid) they said everyone on the third floor of Charlie has to move down to the second floor for a couple of weeks. Bravo company is going to move into the third floor while their barracks are getting remodeled. Then they will move back into their barracks and Charlie will move into Bravo barracks while Charlie gets remodeled. The whole time I’ll be staying put in RBK! What a mess, the place will be crowded and half the stuff doesn’t work.

I decided to use Runkeeper on my iPhone to see how long the march is from Charlie company to RBK and it’s .93 miles. Not too bad to stay away from all the drama. (Check out the image below)

A view of the walk (via RunKeeper) that we have to take from the RBK barracks to Charlie Company

It’s Friday now and everyone’s been released. There will be a lot of drinking going on and a lot of “hotel parties” for all these young bucks. I think I’ll stay in and watch a movie on the laptop tonight since PFC Metal’s wife is in town he’s going to be MIA all weekend.

Overheard Quote: “Remember no means no and yes means wear a condom” (Our lead sergeant giving out advice during the safety briefing today)

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