Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zombieland (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 18

Last night I decided to watch Zombieland through my Netflix account (love that!). I've heard a number of people say it was a good movie and I just never got around to watching it. So I watched it and I'll have to admit that I enjoyed it. Of course it had lots of zombies and violence and blood, but what surprised me was that the movie was actually about finding love….oh and also Twinkies. 

I had about 10 minutes left in the movie and all of a sudden I hear yelling outside our door. All phase IV people had to go out in the hall with their ID cards for accountability. What the hell, it was 23:00. Grrrr…had to pause the movie, get accounted for, then finish it up so I could go to sleep.

One of the guys in our room last night never came back after leaving sometime during the day. Guys came in and turned on our lights sometime after 1:00 AM looking for him. (something I also hate about living in a room with all these other people) He ended up showing up before our morning formation and the sergeant was a little pissed. He did a lot of yelling and the guy had to do some extra duty, but I guess he didn't get into any real trouble.

We had an early formation at 8:00 instead of 8:30 like the rest of the weekend. Nobody actually knew until a few minutes before, so there was a lot of hustle going on. I was actually already up, I was planning on eating before what I thought was our 8:30 formation. Luckily we didn't have any duties after formation, so I was able to head to the DFAC then.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow. Hall guard shifts, studying, and copying the stupid policy letters. I was able to finish that, which was one of my goals this weekend. I also worked out a bit in our room. Pretty much a laid back day all in all. Nice to have a day off from all the BS.

I had lunch again with the depressed guy to see where his head was at. Also because PFC Metal has his wife here, so he took off and is eating with her. I tried to let the depressed guy know that this isn't going to last forever and if this MOS isn't something he wants, he should see if he can get re-classed into something else. He is only in the reserves, so once he's out of school he'll have it pretty easy. He just has to make it through AIT.

Recall formation (the last formation of the weekend) was long and hot. During this formation a sergeant usually walks through the ranks and checks attendance as well as shaves and haircuts. I made sure to shave for the second time today a half hour before formation because of this. I probably need a haircut, but they didn't say anything this time. It took about 50 minutes for everyone to get checked and for mail to get passed out. This whole time everyone just stands around at attention, parade rest…or as some people do "parade pretty". Not only was formation long, but it was also a little tough. Because of the four day weekend there were a number of family members and kids in the company area waiting for their soldier to get done so they could visit for a little longer. Makes me miss my wife and kids even more. I was able to talk to them all today, but that still isn't as good as seeing them in person.

One guy in our room (the guy who got into trouble today) has to actually move out today because of the classroom integrity deal I spoke about earlier. He's not too happy. I hear we'll be getting new people from Bravo and Delta company. There are a number of people trying to jockey for room changes before they get here. So we may end up with more people out of our room and new people in it.

Overheard Quote: "Middle aged black women find me attractive" (A private sharing some personal information with me and PFC Metal)

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