Friday, July 2, 2010

Don’t Be Stupid (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 14

Today we had a pretty good PT workout in the morning complete with a run at the end of it. I had a pretty good sweat going. Which also reminded me that I needed to get my clothes washed soon. We go through them pretty quick here. We have two working washing machines on our floor, so finding a time when nobody is using it can be a challenge at times. Plus it seems that there are thieves everywhere around here. I've heard of at least two people having their entire laundry bag full of laundry stolen. PFC Metal had his actual laundry bag stolen and it even had his name on it! So I have to be diligent and check on it. 

We had a pretty normal day again today, class (with our not so good instructor), then food, then class, then more food. We then had our safety briefing before the big 4 day weekend. We had three different sergeants and our commander all get up on the podium and give us their own little pep talk about what not to do this weekend. Like anything really applies to me, I will not be leaving...I have nowhere to go and I'm phase IV so I really can't even if I wanted to.

Don't drink and drive, don't beat your wife, don't beat your animals, don't do drugs...etc etc. We even were told about BBQ safety (don't touch the BBQ while it's careful if using lighter fluid...OMG!) They also stated that Georgia has one of the highest rates of STDs in America. Not sure if that is a true statistic or if they are using scare tactics for the kids here. They also mentioned that adultery is a violation of the UCMJ and we could get in trouble if the married folks sleep around. I won't be doing any of that, I'm guessing I'll be studying and watching movies on my laptop along with whatever work detail they decide to throw in.

Overheard Quote: "Then wrap it twice!" (Someone said this in formation after the company commander said "think to yourself what should I do if the commander or the 1st sergeant wouldn't do it" during our safety brief)

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