Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CCNA (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 34

Today was another pretty normal day until our dinner formation. During this formation Sergeant Cujo asked who had study hall and everyone except one person did. He told that one person to round up some more people by the end of dinner and they were going to play dodge ball with the sergeants. I wish I could have played. I would have loved to nail Sergeant Cujo in the head...maybe a couple of the other time wasters too. Oh well.

Since the CCNA class is about to end I’ll post our syllabus for anyone who is interested in what was covered during this class:

Day 1
N+ Overview with TCP/IP and Basic Router Commands

Day 2
Addressing the Network – IPv4

Day 3
Communicating Over the Network

Day 4
Application Layer Functionality and Protocol

Day 5
OSI Transport Layer

Day 6
OSI Network Layer
Data Link Layer 

Day 7
OSI Physical Layer

Day 8
Planning and Cabling Networks

Day 9
Configuring and Testing Your Network

Day 10
Written Test/ Practical Exam Test

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