Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Signal Corps Song (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 12

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Today started off and I was finally able to do PT duty to get in my way. I feel like I've been doing nothing since I've been here. The PT here at AIT is very similar to basic when we do the normal session like today. There is a lot of stretching and aerobic type workouts. Barely enough to break a sweat. At the end we did push-up and sit-up drills, one minute of each and then 45 seconds of each switching with a partner.

I woke up in a better mood today. Yesterday I was just pissed off at the world it seemed. Everyone was making me mad. Usually I let everything just roll off my shoulders, but not yesterday.

We headed out to school formation and were questioned on the way out by a sergeant making sure we didn't have any electronic devices. There has been a problem lately with people breaking the rules and taking their phones and such to the school building. I don't know why they would because we don't actually have any time to use them. It wasn't an actual search like yesterday, just an integrity check.

As with everyday in class we start off by saying The Soldier's Creed, The Army Song, and then The Signal Corps Song. Everyone knows the first two, but the last one has been an interesting learning process. Our class is so bad at singing it, we have actually had NCOs walking by stop and poke their head in our class while we're singing it with a look of shock. In case you're wondering it sounds like a song from a Disney movie or maybe a carnival. Here are the lyrics:

The Signal Song
From flag and torch in the civil war,
To signal satellites afar.
We give our Army the voice to give command
On battlefield or global span.
In combat we're always in the fight,
We speed the message day or night.
Technicians too, ever skillful, ever watchful,
We're the Army Signal Corps

Class was done by another instructor today and was a bit more hands on. We took apart a computer and identified the parts. Pretty basic stuff. We then went over binary, hexadecimal, and decimal conversions. Kind of a peep into what we'll be doing in our next class, Cisco's CCNA 1. We were also given time to catch up on all our quizzes, so I don't have any A+ homework tonight. I just have to see if I can get started on our SkillPoint learning (which is an online learning site with a number of things we have to finish before week 12. It includes a lot of the security + information)

I don't like that we are not allowed in our (barracks) rooms from the start of school until the night formation at 18:00. It's freakin' hot here, so I plan my lunch and dinner accordingly and take my sweet time. I eat in the air conditioned DFAC and always make sure to get ice cream too. One of the small things that make me happy here.

After night formation I asked the sergeant how I would go about getting another green blanket. When I walked up to him he said "What's up pops?" LOL One of the private leaders happened to be there and he said he would help me out. We had to have the girls get one for me because they keep them all on their side of the barracks. Problem solved, I now have the blanket I need. I think I may keep sleeping in my winter PTs on top of my bed though. That was a comfortable night's sleep and I don't have to make the bed when I get up!

Going to study a little and then video chat with my wife tonight. Life is better now.

Overheard Quote: "You can't wear those tight jeans with your fat rolls hanging out" (The sergeant going over the dress code for soldiers when they get to wear civilian clothes)

The Wife
I just heard how The Signal Song is sung from You Tube. You're right, love, it's very disney like. I can only imagine how bad it you all sound... LOL.
Friday, July 2, 2010 - 06:54 PM

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