Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Falling Out (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 27

If it's not one thing it's another. We didn't have to get in line with our ID cards for bed check roll call, but the female sergeant had the hall guards come into each room at about 1AM or so for the last two nights and turn on the lights. They make sure everyone is dressed and then she comes in to make sure we're all here. Just another interruption of sleep that I can add to all the other things that seem to happen here. It's just plain rude.

Today we had PT as usual in the morning, then all of a sudden a guy passed out. An ambulance came and everything. I heard he was allergic to the fertilizer on the field and had a reaction to it. Certainly made the PT a little more interesting than it usually is.

Pretty much a normal day after that. In class we were entertained for a while watching a guy who didn't get much sleep because of hall guard duties almost get whiplash because he kept nodding off and would wake up as his head was falling. It was quite funny.

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