Monday, July 26, 2010

Lazy Sunday (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 39

A picture of the IET Center. This is a place where the soldiers can go and play
video games, pool, ping pong and more. We ended coming by here so
PFC Metal could use their computers to print some paperwork.

Today was a nice relaxing day. We went to formation at 8:30 and the sergeant said since we keep everything so clean we didn’t have to do anything except walk around the building once again to pick up any trash. The rest of the day was ours to do whatever until 18:00 recall formation. 

I did a little studying, watched a movie on the laptop, called my mom, dad, kids, and my wife. I took a nap while listening to some music on my iPhone. I ate my pop tarts for breakfast and a snack bar for lunch. Then before dinner I shaved again for recall formation and we walked over to the Charlie DFAC to eat dinner. We went to recall formation which was surprisingly quick...only 15 minutes. I think that is a record. I hung out with PFC Metal so he could get some paperwork printed. It’s strange, in order to sign out for a weekend you have to fill out some paperwork, print out a map of where you will be and also print out your LES statement (this is your leave and earnings statement...kind of like a pay stub). As students here we have very limited access to any printers. There is the library which is only open pretty much the whole time we are in school and study hall and closed on Sunday. There is also a "Cyberzone" place and the IET center both of which cost money to use. It’s quite a scam they have going on here. I’m planning in advance and I’m going to have my wife print it all out at home and mail it to me so I have it all ready in time for our planned Labor Day get-a-way.

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