Friday, July 16, 2010

Bad Hygiene (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 29

This morning was a little odd. During the middle of our PT session on the pull-up bars the "I Hate You All" Sergeant ended up smoking us. He kept telling everyone to be quite, but nobody shut up. So instead of taking turns doing the pull-ups everyone had to get down and do push-ups, v-ups and some flutter kicks. Pretty crazy, I've never heard of getting smoked during PT before. 

When we arrived at school and were standing in formation waiting to go in, we all saw two sergeants in the distance in each others faces. I thought a fight was going to break out. We couldn't hear what it was about, but it took the Master Sergeant to run over there and separate them. 

During class Sergeant Cujo made a surprise visit. He came in and wanted to talk about hygiene. I guess there have been complaints about the smell of everyone. In fact he said it smells like "hot foot and ass". He said because it has been so hot and because of the air conditioning in the building not working that well, people have started to smell a bit. He asked everyone to make sure they are washing their clothes, taking showers and even suggested purchasing a little Febreez and spraying yourself down when returning to class. I was thinking to myself, maybe we should start wearing summer PTs to class instead of these hot ass ACUs everyday. I would even settle for a modified ACU with just the t-shirt underneath and not the top part of the ACU. It seems like those things just trap the heat. Sergeant Cujo also said we would be able to take the phase-up test tonight. I'm super excited about that. I want to phase up as soon as possible.

When we finished dinner, we were hanging around waiting for formation to head back to study hall when we heard a person say they were doing the phase-up tests right now. Crap! PFC Metal and I headed over to the company area to find a number of people in the middle of taking the test…unfortunately there were a few people waiting in line for others to finish, so they could take the test. I was getting pissed, because when Sergeant Cujo was in the classroom he made it sound like we could take it later in the night after our study hall, but he decided he didn't want to stay up that late. As we were in line he also said that study hall was a priority and phasing up was a privilege, so all of us in line had to take off to study hall. PFC Metal actually was able to grab a test and started taking it, but I was one of the unlucky ones who had to head back. So the whole time at study hall I was just pissed off. There were a few people who came late to study hall and started bragging about how they passed the test and phased up. They were even issued their new badges. All that did was piss me off more. I couldn't even study.

After study hall, me and a few others who were unable to take the test checked in with the sergeant on duty to see if we could take it. She let us all take the test on the floor, I didn't care where I took it as long as I could take it. I have been studying all the material, so it only took me 5 or so minutes to finish. I knew I passed, but the sergeant didn't want to grade them…she said the morning sergeant would do it. Grrrr what a pain.

Now let's talk about the Charlie company barracks for a bit. I was just thinking today how old this place is and how run down it is. Since I arrived, there has been three stalls closed waiting for maintenance in the closest bathroom to my room (I'm sure there are similar issues with all the other bathrooms). The laundry room on our floor has one washer that makes everything smell like piss when you use it and the other three are broken. It seems there must be no money in the budget for repairs. I am planning on going to the laundry mat this weekend just to wash my clothes, we do have some washers on the main floor but they are always busy and I've heard too many stories of people's stuff getting stolen from down there.

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