Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Break - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Days 206 & 207

Wow…another year has come and gone! On New Year’s Eve I took my wife to work and then dropped my son off at the ferry so he could go back to his mom’s house. I then went back home and finished up my schoolwork for my current class “Business Ethics”. With this class finished, I’ll be wasting no time and starting my next class tomorrow on new year’s day. Right now I have three classes to go before I finish my degree, it’s been a long time coming. Everyone has been making New Year’s Resolutions lately, so I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2014. My first goal is of course finishing those three classes and finally getting my bachelors degree. I would suggest to everyone, don’t wait as long as I did to get your degree! This 4-year degree has been a work in progress for a very long time. My next goal is to find a job once I get out of the army. I’ll take any decent job offer I can get because the economy still isn’t the healthiest, but I’ll be trying to get something local and in my field. We’ll see how that goes, I’m not against commuting for the right job…but I’d much rather work close to home and family. Finally like so many others around this time of year, I’d like to get in better shape. I’ve let myself slide a bit and with the holidays it seems like we were always too busy to hit the gym. Now with the holidays over I’m hoping to get back into shape. The only thing stopping me will be my chronic pain issues. It’s extremely difficult to go workout while in pain.

While at home I watched some college basketball on my AppleTV via WatchESPN. I then went in and visited my wife at her work. Because of the holiday, she had to work late…so I hung out with her until she got off at around 2200. We headed home, watched the season finale of Son’s of Anarchy, gave each other a new year’s kiss, and listened to the folks in our neighborhood light off fireworks.

On New Year’s Day we both slept in and then eventually headed up to my in-laws to celebrate our niece’s birthday. Always nice to hang out with the in-laws and extended family…and I can never complain about their cooking!

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