Thursday, January 9, 2014

More than Just Surfing - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 215

Sent my squad leader a text this morning “MOU Today”, then headed into the naval shipyard in Bremerton. I started the day off as I always do, check my army and navy emails and then surf the web. I chatted with my co-worker for a while and he says he has a plan to actually have me start doing something soon. He’s setting up and configuring one of the few Linux servers that will end up on the network. He’s been spending each Friday at home doing Linux training because the training will not work on the government computers. He wants me to start learning Linux and then give me some hands on experience with the new server. We have a while before it will actually go online, so this will be some good practice time.

I was then given the access to perform “server checks”, but when I started to check it out, I found that I don’t have the necessary tools to complete a lot of the required actions. I guess it’s baby steps for this project…at least I have the access now. I ate lunch at my desk, then my co-worker showed me how he can boot the server from the Linux disk. He told me some stories about the time he worked at the VA. Booting from a Linux disk was very handy in recovering data from computers that were having issues.

I started a SkillPort on Linux, but the government computer was unable to run a lot of the training. The government computers are locked down so tight, they become somewhat unusable at times for certain tasks. I then surfed around the web for alternative training solutions, which should work fine…but will not show up in all my army transcripts like all the SkillPort training does.

I get a call from my NCM to confirm my next pain clinic appointments because she was out sick the other day when I tried to visit. I tell her than Monday is going to be hell because of the staff duty shift I have to pull on Sunday night/Monday morning. She says she’ll look into it.

I do some more surfing, reading the news and checking out various Linux training sites. I then get a call from my squad leader saying that my staff duty shift has been moved to Wednesday night/Thursday morning. This is good news because I will actually be at Ft. Lewis already for appointments on Wednesday, so I don’t have to make a special trip in for it. I also don’t have any appointments scheduled on Thursday, so I’ll be able to go home and crash. The only thing I’ll have to worry about is being a zombie for a day or two after the staff duty shift.

I got another call from my squad leader later on in the day asking if I wanted to take a PT test so I can go to the promotion board. I tell him I have no desire at all to go to the promotion board. In fact, I’m already checked out mentally from the army. I’m a civilian that dresses up in army clothes once in a while when I have appointments and such.

I left work at 1500 and headed home to do schoolwork. Later on at night before bed, while watching some TV shows with my wife, I had an Epsom salt bath for my feet. This was something my acupuncturist said she wanted me to start doing every night for 15 minutes to a half hour. I had a hard time trying to find Epsom salt at the navy commissary or exchange, so I just went off post to Walgreens and made the purchase. I took a 2/3 cup of Epsom salt and put it in a tub, then filled it with hot water. Epsom salt baths I’m told are an easy way to let the magnesium and sulfate from the salt absorb into your skin. I guess it will reduce inflammation, help muscle and nerve function, and even help ease migraine headaches…along with a host of other benefits. I figured I’ll give it a try…I got nothing to lose and it sounds like it may be good for a whole range of health benefits. I soaked for a good half hour and did notice my feet felt pretty good afterwards, they felt rejuvenated!

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