Friday, January 3, 2014

It Feels Like a Half Day - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 209

It’s Friday! I sent my squad leader a text “MOU Today” and then headed into the naval shipyard in Bremerton. I checked my army and navy email and then continued to surf the web. I first checked my MEB/PEB status via AKO and it states the following:

213 days remaining
Start Date: 6/26/2013
Goal Finish Date: 4/17/2014
Estimated Finish Date (No Appeal): 7/15/2014
Estimated Finish Date (W/ Appeal): 8/04/2014

My current step in the process is VA Ratings. My actual time waiting for ratings is 129 days. The army average is now 144.15 days. Current days until I reach the army average is 15.15.

It’s interesting how the days remaining sometimes stays the same and sometimes fluctuates. My finish date constantly moves to a later date, but one thing keeps getting closer…the time until I reach the army average for the VA ratings process. It’s no guarantee that I’ll get mine on that day, but it gives me a date to look forward to I guess.

I kept surfing the web until lunchtime and then just decided to go home. It’s Friday and there is really nothing going on…there is no reason for me to stay and I think I’ve read all the news I can take for today. Once home there was no college basketball on, so I changed gears and checked out HBO Go on my AppleTV. I’ve watched quite a few documentaries using this “app”. Today I watched a pretty interesting one on a photo journalist named Tim Hetherington called “Which Way is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington”. This is the same photo journalist that worked on the movie Restrepo. He ended up living a very interesting life, but died during the war in Libya.

I then decided to get busy on my schoolwork, I’ve started a new class and this one seems to have twice the work than my previous class, so I’ll be pretty busy for the next 8 weeks!

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