Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up (MLK 3-Day) - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Days 224 - 226

This three day weekend took me by surprise, but I don’t mind at all!

Saturday: I slept in and found myself back at my normal pain levels which basically means I have pain, but I can manage my daily activities. The pain is annoying, but I usually don’t take any pain meds while at this level. I want to save those for when it gets worse. I started off the day with schoolwork to get that done with. I then picked up my mom and my niece along with my wife and we drove to surprise and watch my daughter play in one of her away basketball games. It worked out perfect…she was totally surprised to not only see me & my wife, but her grandma and her cousin as well.

Sunday: All about the Seahawks and football. My wife and I headed over to her parents where we watched both the AFC & NFC championship games. My wife’s sisters came over as well and we all had a blast watching the Seahawks beat the 49ers once again at home to secure the NFC championship. Now we’ll be heading to the SuperBowl.

Monday: I slept in and then did schoolwork to start of the day and get it over with. My wife had to work, so I took it easy most of the day. I watched some basketball on my AppleTV via watchESPN, cleaned up the yard a bit and then took my car to the car wash. A pretty laid back day…and I loved it!

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