Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Acupuncture…almost - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 214

This morning we had morning formation as usual in winter PTs. After accountability, I did warm-ups with the group and then just headed to my car when everyone was released to do the walk. It’s really too cold to be out in this crap even with the winter PT uniform. I am so done with stupid stuff. When I got in my car, I grabbed my blanket and took a nap. When I woke up, I listened to the radio and ate my breakfast.

At 1000 I had an appointment at the pain clinic with the acupuncturist. I thought I would just lay down and get a bunch of needles stuck in me…this is my first time ever seeing an acupuncturist. Instead the entire 90 minute appointment consisted of an in depth question and answer session. The acupuncturist wanted to get a full history of my issues and my pain. I guess she’ll use this info when she does actually start to poke me. We then talked a lot about eastern medicine (traditional Chinese medicine) and the beliefs that come with it. I’m actually pretty optimistic…nothing else has seemed to work very well so far. The pain meds I’m taking work well with the moderate headaches, but when the pain goes to the extreme nothing seems to work. I also still use the home traction device about 3 times a week and I’m sure that has helped a bit.

She gave me some homework to do before my next appointment. I have to write down everything I eat for three days and also the hours I sleep. I also have to take a photo of the vitamins I’m taking so she can take a look. At the appointment desk I scheduled the next appointment for next Monday.

Once that was done, I was finished here for the day so I headed home. I watched a college basketball game via the watchESPN app on my AppleTV. I ate lunch and then did schoolwork. I received a surprise call from my PEBLO. My PEBLO is basically my point person for all things in the medboard process. I thought for a split second that my VA Ratings have finally come in, but that was not the case. She was just calling to check in and let me know that she hasn’t heard anything. After I submitted all my paperwork she said it would be about 4 months. 4 months came and went without a word. Now she tells me that it’s probably going to be about 4 months before I hear anything. I’m starting to think that she just says everything is going to be about 4 months. I guess we’ll wait and see…that’s about all I can do.

Later on in the day I received a text from on of the squad leaders in my platoon that said I had staff duty with him this Sunday night starting at 2000 until 0800 Monday morning. I didn’t reply…I’m just very pissed off right now. I have appointments on Monday that I just scheduled and now that means I’m going to be up all night pulling some stupid staff duty shift and then staying up for the appointments on Monday. Monday is going to suck balls!

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