Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Days 210 & 211

This weekend my wife and I started out on Saturday morning getting the oil changed in our car. It’s a little thing, but we love the free oil changes for life that we get by purchasing our car from Peninsula Subaru. When we finished up there, we drove to Silverdale where my wife used a Christmas gift card and we also did some random shopping at various stores and then the mall. We finished up by heading to the naval submarine base outside of Silverdale to get some groceries at their commissary. When we got home and settled in, we watched a Netflix movie “Catfish”. We had come across the television show while hanging out at my in-laws and had to check out the movie. It’s a documentary about a guy who meets and falls for a girl over the internet, only to find out that she is not who she portrays to be online.

On Sunday we went to the in-laws to watch some football even though it’s a bye week for the Seahawks. We watched the San Francisco vs Green Bay game and we all rooted for Green Bay…just because I wanted to see the 49ers lose in the first round of the playoffs. Unfortunately they won…so they will be moving on. No worries…we’ll be back next weekend to cheer for our team when the play the New Orleans Saints.

As we wound down the night at home, we watched another Netflix DVD called “Pain & Gain”. Based on a true story, it’s about some weight lifters that kidnap a rich guy and basically steal everything he has. One of the guys moves into his house and just starts living the good life. They end up murdering a second couple they targeted and eventually get caught. It has some funny parts, but is definitely only worth a Netflix watch. Speaking of Netflix, we are sure glad to be back in the states. While in Germany, it would take about a month or so after we returned a DVD to get our next one via the APO mail system. Now it’s just a couple days, but our queue has quite a large backlog built up…we have a lot of movies to watch! I’ll probably add streaming to my account as well, but don’t want to incur any more monthly expenses until I get a real job once I’m out of the army.  

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