Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Day @ Ft. Lewis - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 236

I always catch the statue at the end of the hall and think someone is there half the time

This morning I headed to formation in my ACUs, I have an appointment with my NCM at 0800. After accountability, I headed back to my car, pulled up my blanket, and went back to sleep. I had taken a muscle relaxer last night and was still groggy from it. I got up and ate breakfast in my car before heading up for my 0800 NCM appointment. I must have still been pretty groggy because right after arriving and sitting down with my NCM, I spilled my coffee all over my leg. Good thing ACUs are camouflaged right? I did my best to wipe everything up with a couple napkins my NCM provided. Nothing new with the NCM, so the appointment only took a few minutes.

I left and drove to Starbucks where I picked up another coffee, maybe this second one will help me wake up a bit. I brought in my textbook to read, but it was a little too noisy in there to try and do schoolwork. I left and went to the library, then proceeded to do my schoolwork. After I finished, I surfed the web for a bit and just passed the time until noon. I then drove back to the WTB parking lot and ate lunch in my car.

At 1300 I had another FTR preparation group meeting. We went over any loose ends during this meeting. I realized that I have to actually print out my transition plan to give to 6 different people during the actual FTR. My appointment is next week, so I guess I better put something together this weekend. It isn’t going to be too hard for me because I already have a plan when I get out and I’m taking steps now towards that plan.

After the meeting I went over to the pain clinic to see if I could get in any earlier for my chiropractic appointment. Usually if I arrive early I can get in early. That was the case today, I sat in the waiting area reading news on my iPhone for about 15 minutes before he called me back. The chiropractor did the normal manipulation to my neck and then gave me an aid to help isolate some stretches to do on my own. It’s basically a rope with knots on each end and has a softer foam piece in the middle. I place the foam piece on the back of my neck while holding the two ends of the rope in front of me. Depending on the position I hold the rope, I can stretch my neck and isolate certain portions. He went through each of the various stretches, first showing me and then having me give it a try.

Once finished I went over to my company headquarters in the WTB. I had to attend the required 90 day appointment with the social worker. The first part is filling out a sheet full of questions with yes or no answers. The questions are stuff like: Do you want to kill yourself? Do you want to kill someone else? Do you believe you have superpowers? Once that was filled out the social worker asked how everything was going and how I’m doing. I told her everything is great unless I have to come to Ft. Lewis. The meeting went fairly quickly because I don’t have any behavior health issues. It’s just one of those “check the box” requirements that have to be done while assigned to the WTB.

After the meeting I left for the day and drove home. I didn’t get home until about 1730, so I’m glad I was able to finish up my schoolwork earlier today.

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