Monday, January 27, 2014

Saved by the Pee - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 233

The chiropractor's office where I get manipulated...he has a nice view as well!

This morning I headed to Ft. Lewis in winter PTs. I did the warm up exercises with the group, but when we broke and headed to the parking lot to walk, I headed straight inside. It was pretty freakin’ cold out and I had no desire to walk around in it. I had to pee, so if anyone stopped me and asked, that was what I was going to tell them. Luckily for me when I finished relieving myself there was nobody around…I just headed to my car to eat breakfast and listen to music. I tried to nap, but even with my blanket it was too freakin’ cold!

I went inside to the SFAC a little after 0800. I checked my army email and surfed the web for a while. I did get a reply from my PEBLO saying that the VA is still running 4 months behind. I continued to surf the web for a bit, it’s too cold to hang out in my car. At 0930 I had my chiropractor appointment. I had some pretty crappy sleep last night, so I started off the day in pain. The chiropractor relieved some of the pressure and pain. At 1000 I had an acupuncture appointment. I did the usual walking on the plastic rocks in my socks. I laid down on my stomach, then got poked in my wrists, down each side of my spine, on each of my ankles and the tops of my feet. My neck got the mixture of cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, and dragon’s blood rubbed on it. I then listened to the relaxing music for about 15 minutes or so with the lights off.

After acupuncture I was done for the day. I headed to my sister’s house to pick up my son and take him to the ferry so he could head home. When I got home I did my schoolwork. I had to take some pain meds because the pain was starting to make a comeback. 

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